Why We Love Terrarum!

From Dealing with Saltwater to Currency!

Dealing with Saltwater

There is a reason why people love Terrarum, it's not because of the unicorns even though that is amazing, it's not the futuristic outlook and design, it's the fact it's a lot like Earth. Except some parts. Like the fact we only have saltwater.

Having only saltwater is an issue but there is always a solution and that one solution was built in Techolony, the colony South of Ore Pacificus, and transferred to all of the colonies, even Medicus. Fresh water has become a valuable resource and we use it negotiate.

Now, if you're wondering what that the machine is, it won the Desal Prize in 2015, this competition on Earth encouraged scientists to help with water shortages all over the world, and now ours. With the help of solar power, we can can function as human beings and work together.

Climate Change

Just like Earth, we have to deal with climate change. To solve this, Ore Pacificus is trying to see if all the business buildings can use solar power like our converter. This is will help also but to understand how to solve climate change, you need to know what it is.

There are three different categories of climate change impact,

  • Erratic Climate and Weather Extremes
  • Altered Ecosystem and Habitat
  • Risks to Human Health and Society

With these categories, we can understand how severe climate change can be severe. On Earth, one impact is the fact that now the water system on Earth has been thrown off balance. For example the cryosphere, the frozen water on Earth, is melting at faster pace than normal. Now, weather off all types are getting more extreme.

Minerals, Water, Cloth, ALL VALUABLE!

Another reason why we love Terrarum, everything valuable on Earth, is valuable on Terrarum. Ore Pacificus is mining colony, diamonds are valuable. Any mineral is. Water is valuable too, I'm glad it's affordable.

Ore Pacificus' currency is different too. Instead of paper dollars, we actually use the real minerals. Diamond is equivalent to $100, gold is equivalent is $50, silver is $20, and so on. It's always interesting. I never have the issue of unfolding money, because I can't fold it. Now if you're wondering about cents, they don't really exist. They are there to help understand which coin you should use but no coin is equivalent to a dime, penny, or quarter. The lowest currency is copper is equivalent to $1.

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