About the Author

Cynthia DeFelice

"I love writing a book that I would have loved to read when I was a child."

- Cynthia DeFelice, Scholastic.com

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What does she love to read?

"Everything from Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books, comic books, MAD magazine, and so much more. My favorites were books that made me feel as if I were part of the story."

Did you always want to be a writer?

"When I was a child, I never would have guessed that I would become a writer. But I did love to read, and I loved when my mother read to me and my brothers and sister. She read to us every night, acting out the voices of the characters in books with great enthusiasm. She passed along her love of language, and I'm sure it's because of her that I eventually became a children's author."

When did you decide to become an author?

"I didn't become a writer until I was 36 years old. I had been an elementary school librarian, where it was my turn to read out loud to children, like my mother had done for us. I loved seeing their faces captivated by a good story, eyes wide and mouths hanging open. If only I could write a story to make them look like that, I thought . . ."


What is the best part about being a children's author?

"There are so many best things! I love creating a character out of thin air, and feeling that character come to life beneath my fingers on the computer keyboard. I like working at two o’clock in the morning if I want to, and wearing pajamas or sweatpants to work. I like being my own boss. I’m a very nice boss, too…most of the time. Sometimes I have to say to myself, “I know you don’t feel like working today, but you put your rear end down in that chair and don’t get up until you’ve written five pages!!” I am trying to write books that I would have loved to read when I was a child. It is extremely gratifying to hear from children who say that something I wrote touched them, made them laugh or cry, or think and feel something special."

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Some Notable Picture Books by DeFelice

Some Notable Novels by Defelice

Featured Novel: Fort (2015)

Genre: Adventure, Humor, Realistic Fiction

Grade level: 4-8

Lexile level: 700L

The summer has been the best one yet for Wyatt and his friend Augie because they are hanging out in their fort in the woods, sleeping there, fishing, hunting, and cooking over a campfire. They are not hurting anyone or looking to start trouble. But when two older jocks mess with the fort, these funny friends and aspiring heroes are forced to start "Operation Doom." Their results will surprise you! Read Fort by Cynthia DeFelice to find out how they overcome these older bullies.



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