Gregor Mendel

Father of Modern Genetics.

Mendel's early years.

In Mendel's early years he was a very smart student. He was sent to a boarding school because he was so smart, but his family had very little money to pay for the school. When he had to take exams to become a teacher he would fail or would panic and leave the exam room. He ended up becoming a teacher.

Experimental Design

His design of the experiment is that he took two different kinds of peas and grew the together to see what would happen. He grew two different types of plants together. He crossed yellow peas with green peas. The majority of the peas that came out were the yellow peas. they made up three fourths of the harvest and the green peas made up one fourth of the harvest.

The Data

In Mendel's data there are three different things that he recorded. The length of the stem, the shape of the seed, and the color of the pod. The data is used to inform conclusions and help scientists learn new things.

Others scientist reactions.

They had it in their minds but not many people cared enough to experiment on the thought.

The Foundation of the Experiment

His research has provided us with knowledge that lets us know our traits and other genetics. The pea plants would grow and have traits from both of the different pea plants.

The Vocabulary Terms


Definition: gene that will overpower another one

Example: The yellow peas made up about one fourth of the peas harvested.


Definition: gene that gets covered-up by a dominant gene.

Example: The green peas only made up about one fourth of the peas harvested.


Definition: gene that is neither dominant or recessive (both would show up)

Example: The size of the plant would most likely be the same.