Pediatric surgeon

Libby Armstrong 4th hour science

Overview of career

Perform general surgery on children. To make them feel great.

What do you need to succeed

Helpful high school courses: human anatomy, psychology and psychology.

Bachelors degree in pre med (four years)

Med school (four years)

General surgery Residency (five years)

Pediatric surgery fellowship (two years)

Costs of education

Pre med: $9,430 per year

Med school: $23,807 per year

Total: $132,948

Cost of living In collage (estimated)

Housing: $28,000

Food: $6,000

Gas: $1,000

Clothing: $4,000

Total: $78,000 (all 8 years)


Student loans and scolarships for both pre- med and medical school.

Having part time job in high school and in the summers will help.

Associations and organizations


American medical association



High wages

Help people

Meet people


Long hours

Long weeks

Lots of schooling

Job advertisement

Pediatric surgeons help children and their surgical needs, in hospitals. Pediatric surgeons will need a bachelors degree in premedicine and will need to go to med school have residency in general surgery and do it two-year fellowship in pediatric surgery. The national average for salary will usually be around at $166,400


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