Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

About diabetes

Diabetes is not that rare of a disease, is it effects an average of 280 people per day. There are two types of diabetes that have been discovered type one and type two diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes: type 1 diabetes is a disfution in the pancreas which is quite a large gland that's behind the stomach. If you have type 1 diabetes, that means your pancrease isn't production enough insulin, and without insulin your body can't turn glucose (sugar) Into energy. That's why people inject themselves to help provide insulin for there bodies. There currently is no trustworthy cure yet for type 1.

Type 2 diabetes: is more Common then type 1 diabetes which effects more then 80% of people who have diabetes. Although type 1 effects adults more then children more a more younger people are getting it. People who have type 2 diabetes, usually are over weight. In a lot of cases people with type 2, are generally more thirsty and are more tired throughout the day. Luckily for type 2 there is a cure. And the cure is the way you treat your body as well as what you put in it.

Our Goals for a happier future

Some of our goals is to continuously improve the lives of type one diabetics, with a successful and reliable cure that is effective and that people feel safe to use.

Also to keep raising awareness and making sure people are aware of what diabetes is and what ways it can effect peoples life's.