Junkins Express

Week of December 7

YOU ARE "All that and a Bag of Chips!"

This weeks shout outs go to ....

Ms. Winners for going beyond the call of duty, on behalf of 3A and 3B students!

Ms. Conner for meeting both time and accuracy on RM City!

Cafeteria Staff for the super delicious lunch and feeding all the extra people with patience and grace!

“All that and a bag of Chips” box is located in the work room.

Holidays Around the World-Toy Drive

Teachers, we will be doing a raffle at the HATW event. Please make sure to bring a toy. If you do, you will receive a 10 minute massage from a certified therapist! Please submit to Ms. Davidson! Thank you!

What a difference! We are definitely on our way to our mission!!!

Thank you Grade Level Chairs for communicating to your teams about tightening our hallway procedures. I have noticed an improvement in the hallway. We still need to continue to make sure students are always "hall ready." We need to emphasize that students remain in one line as they walk in the hall to allow for two-way traffic.

We have also noticed the number of students implementing their social skills! Ms. Barringer and I have been greeted as we have entered the classroom. Although that isn't an expectation for students to greet us, it is great practice! Keep it up! This means you guys are really training your kiddos on the importance of these social skills. Thank you! Thanks also to Mr. Lugo, the students, and Ms. Barringer for these videos!

We are not going to forget about "greetings" because students are still expected to be using them, but we will be focusing on additional communication skills including "responses." Please see below.

Preparing our 21st Century Learners-Social Skills

Social Skill for the week of December 7 – 11:

Communication: How to Respond to an Adult:

When responding to an adult, answer by saying “Yes ma’am” “Yes sir” or “no ma’m” or “no sir”. Just nodding your head or saying any other form of yes or no is not acceptable.

This is one of the most important rules, because it sets the tone for the type of respect we expect from students.

When working with adults, students that use this greeting lets the adult know that they are respectful. One elementary school teacher that worked with 5th grade students in Harlem, New York was wanting to prepare them for interviews to attend a high-rated middle school. There were only 30 openings from across the big city of New York, and 12 of this teacher’s students applied. He told them to make sure when being interviewed that every time they respond to questions with “Yes ma’am” “Yes sir” or “no ma’m” or “no sir”. Weeks after the interviews, he found out that all 12 of his students were accepted to the school. The comment he heard from the middle school was how polite his students were in the interview. It seems like something simple and small, yet it is a big deal!

The video will be emailed to you on Monday for the week!

Intervention Plans for Failing Students

Remember to submit the intervention plans to Ms. Winners by Wednesday (if this applies to you). She is available during your planning to ensure all students that are failing have an intervention plan. Ensure that every student that failed the second six weeks has a plan, whether submitted on Schoolnet or via the form placed in your box. (I sent an email)


Ms. Ellis and Ms. Florin will be providing updates to the testing schedule next week. Keep posted!

Science Fair (Approaching Due Date)

On Google Drive (Science Fair Folder) there is an English and Spanish version for 3rd-5th independent projects OR for a guide for teachers K-2nd classroom projects.

K-2nd must sign up on googledocs to reserve topic so there are no duplicates.

Dec. 2nd-Final project is due

Dec. 4th-Grade level judging (top 3 winners per class are sent to gym) You will need to email the names/sections/title of project by the end of day

Dec. 7th-11th-Display board walk-throughs (all boards except top 3 are placed in hallway)

Dec. 8th-9th-Campus judging December 8th – 9th (volunteers needed)

Dec. 11-Grade level winners announced

Reminder…..this is an experiment to discover answer to a question….not a research project! Have fun!


Monday- Job Alike

Tuesday -SBDM

Thursday-ACPs and Holidays Around the World


Upcoming Events

December 7th PD: W.T.White Job Alike (Coaches will notify you location)

December 10th: Holidays Around the World

December 11th: Last day of Climate Survey

December 14th: Shower/Mentor Program after

December 10th-16th: ACPs
December 17th: Holiday Staff Party!

Morning Duty

Gym: Garland, Williams, Shelton
Auditorium: Thomas, Mayville, Wilkinson
Cafeteria: Ortiz
*TAs are in their permanent assignment (Please see schedule)

Morning Announcements

Character word of the week is citizenship. Please send your 3-4 students with a sentence using the word citizenship. Please see announcement script on Google.

Jerry Junkins Elementary


Jerry Junkins seeks to be a premier elementary school by creating global citizens through setting and achieving high expectations for students.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a supportive culture for the twenty-first century learner to reach their academic destination and become productive citizens of the world.