Beasley Weekly Bulletin

Week of May 9, 2016


WOW! Can you believe it? Not one fight. Not one irate parent. No police called. It was somewhat quiet. Students came in quickly from recess and walked inside the building. It was Friday. It was hot. This was an extremely good day despite the numerous staff absences! We would like to extend to all the teachers and staff, a big heart-felt THANK-YOU!

Happy Mother's Day to our Beasley Moms!

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Hallway Pass Policy

It is so imperative that students have a pass when they leave the classroom. They will need a pass to go to the washroom, locker, water fountain, Main Office, other teacher's classrooms and etc. Please make sure that you get your hallway passes back because students may tend to hand them off to other students. We don't want that to happen because it compromises the teacher. Please make sure that every student has a pass when they leave your classroom.

If you allow students to eat lunch in the classroom with you, please make sure to escort them to the classroom. Do not trust them to come to your classroom on their own. We have found that there are some students who have manipulated this process.

Student Attendance Attendance Challenge

We lost the 1st Spring Student Attendance Challenge. If we had won, our entire school would have won a trip to Razz Ma-Tazz Arcade. Congrats to Murray who won the challenge with a student attendance rate 95.93. Carnegie came in 2nd place and Wadsworth came in 3rd place. We came in last place in our Cohort with the overall attendance rate of 95.48. definitely not Beasley.We intend to participate in the 2nd Attendance Challenge to win a school wide trip to US. Cellular Field Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. It is time for us to win the next two challenges with a attendance rate of 97%. Classrooms with the next two highest attendance rates, we will try to arrange a movie day with popcorn. We are also interested in any other ideas you would like to propose.

It is time for our school to become Level 1+.

Beasley Career Day

Beasley will host Career Day on Friday, May 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Please see Mrs. Rendleman, Guidance Counselor for the schedule. 6th Grade is scheduled to go first because they are scheduled to go to Argonne National Laboratories at 10:00 a.m.

Algebra 1 Exit Exam

8th grade Algebra 1 Exit Exam will be held during May 31- June 3. We are hoping that a minimum of 20% of the 8th grade students will qualify for this high school credit.

REACH Performance Tasks

EOY WINDOW: The EOY window is open from May 9 – Jun. 10.

Teachers should administer the EOY task(s) to the same class(es) of students assessed at the BOY. TASK DOWNLOAD: Ordered tasks have been delivered to schools. Teachers who need to download/print REACH PTs can do so at the PT page of the Knowledge Center.

EOY TASK SCORING: Schools are encouraged to use the collaborative scoring protocol (hard copy included in every order) to ensure teachers are scoring consistently. 80% of teachers who used it at the BOY agreed that it helped them score tasks “objectively and reliably.

NWEA EOY Testing Window

TESTING WINDOW: The EOY testing window will open May 16 and close on Jun. 17. Students in the benchmark grades 3, 6 and 8 must complete testing no later than Jun. 1 for promotional and graduation consideration.

*NEW* TEST ADMIN MANUAL: Find both CPS and Charter NWEA EOY Test Administration Manuals posted to the NWEA KC page here.

*NEW* COMPLIANCE DOCS: All schools must submit a Test Security Plan, Test Security Agreement and a Testing Schedule no later than May 13.  *NEW* iPAD APP FOR MPG TESTING: iPad testing is now available for MPG testing as of EOY! For MPG testing on iPads, schools must use the new app. Follow the User Guide - NWEA for iPads to configure. Videos have also been published to help you configure, please find them at the bottom of the Utilizing iPads for NWEA page of the CPS iOS Support Team site. For MAP testing on iPads, continue to use the Guided Access steps on page 8 of the NWEA EOY Test Administration Guide.

TRC/DIBELS Assessment

TESTING WINDOW: The EOY assessment window will be open May 9 through June 17.

PROGRESS MONITORING WEBINAR: Amplify will offer a webinar for principals, APs and other school leaders on the topic of Progress Monitoring on Tuesday, May 10 at 4pm. Participants gain an understanding of CPS Progress Monitoring Policy and What to Progress Monitor & Why. To register for the webinar, please complete the Registration Form. For additional information, visit the CPS Knowledge Center mCLASS Assessments page

Beasley Spring Fling Concert

Mrs. Addison-Davis has planned a concert by the Children's Chorus on Wednesday, May 11, 2016. Please see the Mrs. Addison-Davis or look in your mailboxes for your schedules.

Have a Great Work Week!

You see it was a good day if I can get this out so early! Enjoy your weekend!