May 16-20

Reading, Math and Science


This week we are reviewing all of our reading standards to prepare for our Reading 3D assessments. We are seeing some great things. Keep reading everyday!


We are reviewing our Math standards this week! While you are out and about, look for different ways to measure things :

-How long is the front step of your house using pebbles?

-How long is your arm? Measure it using crayons or toy trucks. Measure your bicycle using cans of soup.

-Add using different numbers on road signs and addresses in your neighborhood.

-How many different shapes do you see in nature?

-Can you create a word problem to stump your grandparents? Parents? Aunts and uncles?


This week we are talking about mammals. Your child will learn many facts about them so make sure you ask them about what they have learned.

Morning Meeting

This week's theme is bullying and telling the truth. Many students are being unfriendly to their friends, and we are going to be learning ways to be more aware of how our actions affect others.