Kramer vs. Tomlinson

Postmodernism Shakedown

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Kramer says...

  • He's a postmodernist
  • Music is the locus of musicology
  • Cardinal point: words are inadequate to describe experiences (Repercussions 10)
  • Where is the music? We can only get to it by getting beyond it. (Repercussions 18)
  • Uses Mozart piece to demonstrate this point (Repercussions 11-17)
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Tomlinson says...

  • Kramer is a modernist, not a postmodernist, because "instead of postmodern doubt, play, and problematizing of the communicative relation, Kramer offers a too-familiar modernist mastery." (Current Musicology, 21)
  • 4 Topoi
  1. Seek alternatives to the internalism and formalism that have dominated musicology (21)
  2. Become more sensitive to realms of musical culture making beyond individual subjective agency (22)
  3. "Art," "Music," "Aesthetic," and "Work" are cultural constructs, darkly tinted for us with modernist ideology (23)
  4. We should begin to interrogate our love for the music we study (24)
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Kramer counters with...

  • Well you are like something out of Dr. Seuss.
  • And you're a modernist, too.
  • Worse, you're a positivist.