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We welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year! Highlander Nation is excited and ready for another fantastic year full of Excellence in Academics, Arts, Athletics, & Activities. This bulletin will provide you with important information and contacts for the Registration Week as well as the start of a successful year for you and your family.

Please refer to the contact list below for any questions you may have. The staff and administration of RHS are proud to partner with families to give our students the best experience as part of The Royal High School Family.


PLEASE NOTE: Students will only be allowed to report at their assigned times (by birth month) on each Registration Day. Locators will not be given to students until their assigned times.

All students should begin the Registration Day process in the quad between the Main Office and Library. Locators will be distributed under the 6-Building awning. The first student grouping will begin promptly at 8:00am each day.

NOTE: Students who cannot attend their Registration Day (due to family trips, out of town commitments, etc.) have a a few options - 1. Anyone that families list as a contact on Aeries can pick up Registration materials during the student's session [OR] 2. Students who miss their day may come on a lower grades day at 11:00am [OR] 3. Students may visit the Attendance Office before school on the first day of school. (School photo/ID card sittings that are missed can be made up on the Photo Retake Day listed below in this bulletin.)

SENIOR REGISTRATION - Tuesday, August 6th (8:00 am - Noon)

April to June Birthdays - 8:00-9:00

July to September - 9:00-10:00

October to December - 10:00-11:00

January to March - 11:00-12:00

JUNIOR REGISTRATION - Wednesday, August 7th (8:00 am - Noon)

April to June Birthdays - 8:00-9:00

July to September - 9:00-10:00

October to December - 10:00-11:00

January to March - 11:00-12:00

SOPHOMORE REGISTRATION - Thursday, August 8th (8:00 am - Noon)

April to June Birthdays - 8:00-9:00

July to September - 9:00-10:00

October to December - 10:00-11:00

January to March - 11:00-12:00

ATTENTION NEW FRESHMEN - Please review the NEW format this year!

Friday, August 9th (8:00 am - 4:00 pm)


8:00 am - 12:00 pm

  • Freshman Orientation Session (Upperclassmen Link Crew mentors)
  • School Photos and ID Cards

12:00pm - 12:40 pm

  • Lunch with Upperclassmen Mentors (PTSA BBQ & Kona Ice provided)
  • (Lunch will be hot dog, chips, drinks - for vegetarian needs, please send lunch with your students)

12:45 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Registration Groups (led by Link Crew mentors)
  • Lockers, PE Clothes, Locks, Class Lists ("Locators") Book Distribution


At Registration you will complete the following (upperclassman guides and staff leaders will be on hand to assist you in this process):

  • Locators distributed (at the 6-Building - at your assigned time)
  • School photos/ID cards will be provided by O'Connor Brothers (see info below)
  • You will visit the Library to receive your books and a locker
  • Mandatory Locker Locks will be available for purchase ($15) with the ASB Office
  • AUP Stickers (free) and ASB Stickers ($75) will be available
  • Students and families will have the opportunity to join RHS PTSA

Assistance with the Aeries system for families will be available in the Library.

The ASB Office will be open for any questions/support with student accounts.

During registration, students with conflicts in their schedule may visit the Counseling office to meet with your Counselor. Counselors will be available to students with missing classes, double periods, a class they have already taken, etc.

For any general questions regarding the Registration Day Session for your student, please contact Mrs. Broberg.


For specific Registration or school year needs, please click to email:

RHS ADMINISTRATION (& Admin Responsibilities):

Mr. Keith Derrick - Royal HS Principal

Mrs. Debbie Broberg - Activities/Student Clubs, Athletics, ASB Accounts

Mr. Aaron Dobson - Curriculum, Instruction, Class Schedules, Aeries

Ms. Wendy Mayea - Student Support Services (Special Ed., Pathways, ELL, Foster/Homeless, Attendance)

Ms. Patricia Myszkowski - Guidance and Supervision

RHS COUNSELING DEPARTMENT (by Students' Last Names):

Mrs. Sue Guy - Last Name A-Er

Mrs. Aamina Hennings - Last Name Es-La

Mr. John Burton - Last Name Le-Ra

Ms. Amanda Viescas - Last Name Re-Z

Mrs. Lynda McKnight - Student Registrar


Mr. Andy Andreolli - Athletic Director

Mrs. Harriet Hunsaker - Main Office Manager

Mrs. Kari Lev - IB Program Coordinator


We are proud to partner each year with locally-owned O'Connor Brothers Photography for our school pictures & student ID cards.

At Registration, each student will have the opportunity to have their school photo taken for use on the ID as well as the Royal Yearbook (Seniors will use this picture only for the ID). Photographers will be located near the Library (Room 7-15) and students can walk in at any time (during their session).

While O'Connor Brothers will have forms on hand that day, please see below for a copy that you may also download, print, and fill out.

Students who cannot attend Registration Day to get a picture taken will have the opportunity to do so during the school day on Photo Retake Days Wed. Aug. 28h and Thurs. Sept. 12th.

Seniors will take their Senior Pictures for the Yearbook at O'Connor Bros Call them at 805-306-9542 to schedule your appt. Seniors will also need to take their ID Picture the day of Registration

For questions, please visit the O'Connor Brothers homepage... send an email... or call at (805) 306-9542


On August 9th, we have one great full-day Orientation & Registration Day planned to help new Freshmen navigate their way around our campus, learn about life at Royal, meet some of our staff, complete Registration, and start out on the path of success at RHS.

Upperclassmen leaders/mentors have been trained to assist our Frosh to feel acclimated, ready, and excited about being Highlanders. This will be a 4-hour event (students need to report to the gym at 7:55 am). These mentors will be available all year through contact and special events to help this first year be the best!

After this the annual Freshman BBQ presented by RHS PTSA will take place. We also thank Kona Ice for being on campus that day to serve free treats to the students.

Next, Link Leaders will assist new freshman in the Registration process (especially getting lockers and books for their first-year classes all set up.)

Families/parents do not need to attend this day, but we will be holding a 30-minute optional informational meeting in the MPR at 8:15 am that day to give you some information about your student's first year.

This is our third year holding the Freshman Link Crew Orientation Program. This is an award-winning, national program that many high schools take part in. Staff leaders have been trained as Link Crew program coordinators through the Boomerang Project out of Santa Cruz. For more information about this program visit the Boomerang Project homepage.

For any Link Crew Orientation questions - Ms. Myszkowski and Mrs. Broberg


Students will receive what is called a "Locator" at Registration. This is not the student's official schedule. It is simply a list of classes the student will be enrolled in when the fall semester begins. The order of classes and teachers will not be included on the locator.

Final schedules will be available in the Aeries portal on the evening of Tuesday, August 13th. At that time, students will be able to see the order of classes and teachers. The first period class will also be posted on the morning of the first day. Students will receive a hard copy of their complete schedules during first period.


The Aeries System is our primary tool of communication for families. It is required that all families complete the data confirmation in the Aeries portal before the start of school.

Click here for directions to complete this process.

For questions, please contact Mr. Dobson. Aeries assistance will be available in the Library at Registration.


This is time sensitive and should be cleared up prior to attending Registration Day.

Students who have not completed the following will need to clear a hold on their account prior to getting locators, textbooks, or lockers.

1. The information in the Aeries portal has not been confirmed and/or updated. If a family has not already confirmed the information in Aeries, this will need to be done before the student can pick up their locators. From a computer or laptop, simply login to the Aeries portal and follow the prompts to confirm the information is up-to-date. Note: Please use a computer. The system has difficulty working through a smart phone. If you previously have set up an account you will not need an authorization code.

2. Students who have a balance on their ASB or library accounts need to be cleared through the ASB office or the Library prior to acquiring lockers and textbooks.


Our big first day for the 19-20 year is Wednesday, August 14th.

We will have a unique schedule on the first day. Students will report to first period at 9:00am.

Please access Aeries on Tuesday evening to check for your final schedules.


Families, staff, and students are encouraged to join the Royal PTSA.

Their mission is to positively impact the lives of our students and families throughout the year. This is a committed team of leaders working hard to create the best for Royal. Click Here to learn about PTSA's current meetings, programs, and events.

Membership information is available by emailing Membership Chairperson Mrs. Corey Hallmark. PTSA will be on-hand at Registration to help you connect and get involved with the family programming they do throughout the year.


Our Highlander Yearbook staff works tirelessly each year to capture all the awesome moments that happen in the lives our students. The yearbook becomes a wonderful archive of memories for our students.

Yearbook order forms are available in the ASB Office and you can contact advisor Mr. Adam Lev for more information about things like ordering and this year's pricing, parent/senior pages, purchasing ads, and senior photos.


We employ social media to keep you updated, to celebrate the greatness of students and staff, and to enhance our culture of connectedness. Join Us and Follow for Key Information & to Experience #RoyalLife!






Royal's ASB School Store - officially known in Royal Valley as THE HIGHLANDER SUPPLY CO. - is located in the ASB Office near the Gym.

We have spent the last two years creating and stocking up on many clothing items, spirit items, and other Royal-centric items for our Family to show their Highlander Pride! Stop by and grab some!

For any questions, please contact our store clerk Ms. Debbie Cole or just drop in.