Heisler's Herald

May 23rd, 2016

Important Dates

May 27th- Wax Museum

May 30th- NO SCHOOL Memorial Day

May 31st- All library books due!

June 3rd- Fun Fest and Last day of school!

News for you!

School Store: School Store will be OPEN one more Tuesdays for the end of year sale.

Wax Museum: The student’s should assemble an outfit to resemble their famous person at home and bring it in on the day of the event. Feel free to be creative & use items in your own house. The students MUST bring in three exhibit items for the Wax Museum, which MUST be appropriate for school and represent their person. Please have your child hold onto his/her costume & exhibit items until the day of the event. They will need to bring the costume and items in on May 27th. Again, please try to find items around the house to wear. We recommend using items at home to save money! Be creative!

Summer I.C.E.

See attached flyer about the Summer ICE Program offered through our school district.

Click here for the flyer.


This week we are reading the story Ghost Towns of the American West.

Question of the Week ~ What adventures helped drive the westward expansion?

Reading Skill ~ Generalizations

Reading Strategy ~ Questioning

Grammar Focus~ Adverbs

Word Analysis~ Morphemes

Literary Term ~ Sensory Details

Vocabulary Focus~Prefixes over-, in-

Spelling Focus~Greek Word Parts

Genre~ Expository Text

*Spelling and Weekly test will be on Friday


This week we will start Topic 13. This topic focuses on deep understanding of using the Order of Operations to evaluate, write, and interpret numerical expressions with grouping symbols. This topic has 5 lessons. I have the Topic 13 test scheduled for May 31st. This will be the last grade for math.


This week we will be discussing Living vs. Nonliving things. We are learning how scientists classify living things. We next week we will be dissecting owl pellets.


Summer Birthdays

Grant 6/16

Nico 6/17

Kenny 6/22

Ally P. 6/27

Sahana 7/6

Adrianna 7/30