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Heart of a Champion

After watching the recent PGA Championship, my son asked me "Why is Jordan Spieth so good at golf"? I resisted the urge to reply with the obvious answer that he is a better putter. Sure that is a major competitive advantage but it's something deeper, the common thread that defines all great champion performers and Championship Teams. I would argue it's what makes Jordan Spieth such an exceptional putter. It is the will to win and the unquenchable thirst to compete.

So many of our greatest Champions (think Jordan Spieth, New England Patriots, San Antonio Spurs, Tom Brady, Tim Duncan, etc.) are not the biggest, fastest or most physically gifted at their craft. What they all have in common is their will to win. As the competition intensifies so does their focus and will to win.

Running an integrated homebuilding business is incredibly competitive. We compete every day for the best people, the best land positions, the next signup, and the best trade partners and for the hearts and minds of our customers and employees. At PulteGroup we are competing to be the very best at everything we do. As our competition intensifies so must our focus and will to win.

As leaders we must instill this competitive drive in our Culture and the Teams we build. We must recruit for it and bring it out of our people through our actions, behaviors and the environment we create. We must challenge ourselves every day with the simple question, "Are we ready to compete?"

Are all of our communities (websites, models, job sites, etc.) tight and presentable? Are all of our people properly trained and ready to compete? Do we know our role in the game plan and are we armed with the tools and training required to succeed? Do we understand and appreciate our interdependencies and support the Team's success? Do we embrace and relish the opportunity to compete?

We have the wonderfully aspirational goal to be the very best! We aspire to separate from our competition in the quality and experience we deliver to our customers and employees and the results we deliver to our shareholders. A properly harnessed and nourished competitive spirit will play a major role in our success.