Suicide Prevention

Alexxus Immormino

Warning Signs

Non Verbal

- Drop in grades

- Giving away possessions

- Extreme sensitivity to what others say

- Lack of energy and zest for life


- "I want to die"

- "I don't want to live anymore"

- "Whats the use?"

- "Nothing matters, who cares"

Suicide/Depression thoughts

How to help

- Show that you care

- Talk directly to them

- Stress the nature of the problems

- Do not agree to keep this meeting secret

- Ask if they have a specific plan

Resource Numbers and Websites

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

1-800-273-TALK (8825)

Crisis lines

Vernon County: (608) 637-2123

Monroe County: (608) 269-2117

La Crosse County: (608) 784-4357 or (608) 785-4357