Monster Words

Create a video like a pro!

Monsters Beware

Vocabulary never seemed so fun, sight words, grammar, your imagination is your limitation.

Microsoft PowerPoint Mix

This is a free downloadable software, we will walk through this and get started.

We will use your content for your students, and create videos that rock.

Bring your laptop, power cable, mouse, anything you need to be successful working.

I'll bring headsets (if you have your own you are welcome to bring them)

We will be typing, using animations, multiple frames, picture editing, transitions, audio, and final products will be shared on YouTube.

Professional development catered to your classroom/student's needs.

See the video below for an idea of what we will be doing!

sightword monsters

I am often asked/told...

This tool is great but I don't have time...

I see it I can use it, but I'm out of ideas...

This was a great example but I'll never be able to make something like that...

Leave those thoughts behind, this is a step-by-step tutorial, bring in your sight word lists, your math or science vocabulary, root words, stems.

Learn tools you never new were there, in Powerpoint! Use a tool you are already familiar with and add a few things (sound clips, animations, Mix-audio, music, etc.)

Voila like magic.

Bump up the SAMR!

Bump up engagement!