SSD in Affton Monthly Dispatch

July 2022

SSD Staff Appreciation Form

Do you have a teacher or staff member who has gone above & beyond for you or your child - supporting them, encouraging them to do their best or being a listening ear when they need someone? Take a minute to write a note of thanks by sharing your appreciation with them. You may fill out this form as many times as you would like for different school personnel.

We Want Your Feedback!

Please go to the following link to let us know how we have supported you well this year, and how we can do better next year! The honest results of your feedback as well as our action plan will be in the August newsletter! Thank you for your time, and for trusting us with your kids!

Parent Education Diversity Awareness

The highly successful SSD Parent Leadership Institute that has had more than 280 participants since 2007 is once again being offered under a new name of Family Leadership Institute (FLI).

The Institute will be Wednesday evenings from 5:30-8:30pm at SSD Central Office: October 12, 19, 26 and November 2.

If you are a parent or family member who makes the educational decisions for a child with a disability, investing the time to attend these four Wednesday evening sessions will provide:

VISION: for the future of your child.

KNOWLEDGE: to help effectively participate in your child's education.

LEADERSHIP SKILLS: to improve the educational climate for all children.

ACCESS: to new resources, friends, and experts to help you on your journey.

Apply today

IEP Meeting Outline Example

While all IEP meetings are unique, they generally follow the same guidelines or agenda. The format of the meeting follows the pages and sections of the official IEP paperwork. Here’s an example of what takes place at the actual meeting:

    1. All of the participants are introduced and listed on the signature page.

    2. The purpose of the meeting is stated.

    3. Parents are asked if they have any questions regarding the Procedural Safeguards.

    4. The parent participation information is incorporated into all steps of the IEP.

    5. Progress is reviewed on current goals and, if required, benchmarks/objectives.

    6. Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance page is completed.

    7. Special Considerations page is completed.

    8. Goals and Progress Report pages is completed.

    9. After all other parts of the IEP are written, the Services Summary page and Regular Education Participation/Placement/Progress Reporting pages are completed.

    10. If the meeting is an IEP re-evaluation, the appropriate forms and procedures are completed.

    11. The Notice of Action form is completed if the IEP results in a proposed change of placement, change in the type or amount of services, or if a re-evaluation assessment is requested.

    12. The Majority Age Notice is completed if appropriate.

    13. The meeting is concluded by reviewing the student's placement and answering any IEP issues or questions.

    14. Parents are told that they will receive a copy of the IEP within 20 calendar days of the meeting.

Family and Community Engagement

I hope that you are well. I recognize that this year has been like no other and that you are all short on time. So, I am writing a brief message to share a few supports/opportunities from our department. Please feel free to share these documents and links with those that may benefit from these services. As always, let us know if there are any additional supports needed.

  1. The Family Resource Hub –

    1. Family Resource Hub Virtual Grand Opening Video

    2. Family Resource Hub Flyer

    3. Satellite Food Pantry Flyer

  2. Variety Club – Free Camp Opportunities – Enrollment ends on 2.7.2022

  3. Recreation Council Flyer – Summer Program Guides available on 1.21.22

  4. Youth Mental Health Training for Staff –Kickup registration link:

  5. Youth Mental Health Training for Families – Google link:

  6. Assistance for families who may have challenges accessing the FREE Covid Tests

Thanks for sharing! Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. - Adrienne Eaglin

The Family Resource Hub located at North Tech High School is a space dedicated to families and our community stakeholders. The resource hub offers families computer and internet access, a satellite food pantry, and support navigating community resources. The space is also dedicated to supporting families by hosting learning labs, community events, and a safe and supportive environment to learn with and from one another.

Set an appointment to meet us there.

Please call 314-989-8311 or email

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Health and Wellness

Dear Affton Community,

We were deeply saddened to hear the news of the school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Our hearts are with all those impacted by this tragic school shooting, and our sincere condolences go out to the families and friends of the victims. The safety of our students and staff is always the top priority in Affton School District. We take our responsibility seriously to ensure your child's safety every day.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all of our families that we have a plan in place at each of our schools to handle emergency situations. We work with the St. Louis County Police Department and Affton Fire Protection District to prepare for these types of emergencies and regularly practice our safety procedures with students and staff through discussions and emergency exercises. While no amount of planning can guarantee that a tragedy such as this will not occur, we are doing everything we know to keep students and staff safe while at school.

As our country mourns this nightmare and tries to find healing, we each need to be prepared to support, listen, care for, and comfort those around us – especially our students. Parents play a critical role in helping children and teenagers to process traumatic events such as this in a way that is healthy and productive. Here are some valuable resources to help your child deal with trauma, including tragedies that are being reported in the news.

As parents and educators, we are troubled, shocked, and saddened by events like what occurred in Uvalde. However, days like today also allow us to be leaders as we help our children understand and talk with them about the importance of sharing information that could be considered threatening to our community with a responsible adult. Most importantly, it’s a chance to reassure them that, as the adults in their lives, we do everything we can to keep them safe.


Dr. Travis Bracht

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Affton PAC Meetings

We hope you consider attending our monthly PAC meetings! There will not be one in the summer months, but we have them most months on the third Thursday of the month at 6:30 via Google Meet to make them more accessible to all. These meetings are run by Stephanie Hand and Angie Hanks. Stephanie and Angie are amazing volunteers that care deeply about creating a community for everyone in Affton. We hope that you find an active role in this committee next year! More information will follow after the beginning of the school year!

Your Feedback is Important to Us!

In February we reported on the results that you provided us regarding things that are going well and things that we can work on. I am happy to communicate with you all some changes that we have made and some communication regarding how related service providers in Affton are communicating with you below.

1. Monthly Newsletter of what we are working on

2. Canvas- monthly reminders about canvas activities, new activities posted

3. Positive Communicate- phone calls with student, emails, hand-written notes

4. Progress Notes Quarterly

5. Positive note every time a student fills their "star" behavior chart

6. Emails as needed- we always reach out to parents if there is something to be communicated (if a student is falling behind, when things are coming up, or when they do something amazing). Often it is through email, but we do call parents as well.

7. Parent Teacher conferences

8. IEP conferences

9. Letter at the beginning of the year providing contact information.

10. Holiday help communication

11. We complete behavior sheets as appropriate when students have them for our session as appropriate dependent on team decisions.

12. Communication with outside agencies.

13. Re-evaluation meetings

Not all related service providers are doing all of these things, but these are some examples of how our Affton related service providers are trying to communicate with you. If this is not meeting your current needs, please reach out to them directly so that we can do better to support your family.

Discounted Home Internet Access

Home internet access is important for student success, whether learning in-person or at home. To provide all families with the opportunity to access the internet, the FCC has launched a temporary program, Emergency Broadband Benefit, to help families struggling to afford internet service. The Emergency Broadband Benefit will provide a discount of up to $50 per month toward broadband service for eligible families and households who are struggling to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible households can also receive a discount of up to $100 for the purchase of a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers. For more info, please visit:

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Who Should I contact?

Katy Meers - Affton Special Education Director K-12 and Special Education Coordinator for Mesnier and Gotsch - or call at 314-633-5912

Ky Schlundt - Special Education Coordinator for Gotsch and Rogers -

Tim Orr - School Psychologist for Mesnier and AHS -

Marie-France Castor - School Psychologist for Gotsch and Rogers and assists with EC

Beckie Rainbolt - SSD Social Worker for Mesnier and AHS -

Deanna Wright-Coffman - SSD Social Worker for Gotsch and Rogers -

Pam Miller - SSD Social Worker for Rogers and AHS -

What if I would like to get more frequent or less frequent data on goals? Please contact your child's case manager or service providers.

What if I would like information regarding a class assignment? Please contact the teacher for that assignment.

What if I have a concern? Please contact the students case manager. If you have already contacted the case manager and you have not received results, please contact Ky or Katy.