Pastry Chef

Diana Yanez

Pastry Chef

They mix and bake ingredients following a recipe in order to bread, pastries and other baked goods. Some daily tasks that are done are things like checking quality of baked products, measuring and weighing ingredients and applying glazes, toppings and icing. To become a pastry chef there is no actual training that's needed. You would need a high school diploma or an equivalent. You can still attend a technical or culinary school (1-2 years). Some of the job skills needed would be:
  • detail oriented

  • math skills

  • physical stamina

  • physical strength

Employment for pastry chefs is expected to increase by 6% between 2012 to 2022. Population and income is expected to grow due to demand. The average starting salary is about $23,140.

The work environment for a pastry chef can become stressful because of strict deadlines and critical and time sensitive requirements. Some dangers can be hot ovens, mixers, back strains, and cuts or burns.

About 1 in 3 pastry chefs who worked part time in 2012 worked early morning, late evening, weekends, and holidays.

Career Connections

Pastry Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer spoke about his job. He said "Our profession has many different aspects; therefore, one can never get bored.”

High School Preperation

Some classes at Leyden that would prepare you for a career in pastry are classes like Culinary Basics and Pastry Chef. These classes teach you the basics of working in a kitchen and commercial kitchens. You learn things about baking as well as certain methods in combining ingredients. Plate presentation and cutlery is are some skills you learn.

A good club to join at Leyden that will help you in becoming a pastry chef is Munch Bunch. This is a club in where students go around and get to try cuisine of different cultures. Along with this they can also try pastries of a variety of cultures. You can examine these different types of pastries and gain experience with lots of pastries.

Another good way of gain experience that will be helpful is to work in an environment where you can practice baking skills and culinary skills. You can work in a bakery or some sort of cafe.


A reference is a person who you have previously worked with or even know well. They would know about your talents and accomplishments. A reference is used when applying for a job. The employer will speak to them to see if you are worthy of the position available. References are important because they help you in convincing the employer to give you the job.

A small list of people who could serve as references for me are :

  1. Valerie Berger, Family and Consumer Science, School District #212

  2. Laurie Foss, Family Consumer Science, School District #212

  3. Caroline Felix, Art, School District #212

Post Secondary Plans


  • Baker College of Muskegon - This college is about baking. You will learn much about how to bake pastries and presenting them.
  • Art Institute Of Wisconsin- You can learn about pastry in this school. You can gain more ideas on how to decorate your pastries.
  • Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts: Chicago - this is a school dedicated to culinary. They offer a variety of things to learn of.

Possible majors:

  • baking and pastry arts
  • culinary arts
  • management

There is no formal training needed but you can take pastry classes and culinary classes to learn some more.

You can be the apprentice of a baker or pastry chef in order to learn some more. Working in a bakery can also help you in your career.

What it's like to be a pastry chef

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