By Natasha Witham...

*About The Boys...*

  • Jamie Hamblett (JJ) 24,
  • George Shelley 19,
  • Josh Cuthbert 20,
  • Jaymi Hensley 22.

* Where are they from?...*

  • Jamie Hamblett-Newmarket,
  • George – Bristol,
  • Josh – Ascot,
  • Jaymi - Luton,

*How Did They Get To Where They Are Now?...*

  • Jaymi, Josh and JJ auditioned for The X Factor as a three piece called Triple J they made it to bootcamp!
  • Louis asked them to come back to the competition for Judges Houses and he added 19 year-old George Shelley to the group. They then became Union J.
  • Triple J were together for eight months before they auditioned for the show and they got on really well with George at Bootcamp so they are pleased he has joined the group
  • “We’re so happy to be a four piece. The group feels so right together, it feels like we’ve been together for years!”


Carry You

Beautiful Life

Loving You Is Easy

Last Goodbye


Head In the Clouds

Where Are You Now

Save the Last Dance

Amaze Me


Union J perform at Osfest in Shropshire

Tuesday, April 22nd, 12pm

Oswestry Showground

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