With James Maxwell and Heinrich Hertz

By Blaine Harriman and Henry Ovens

Electromagnetic Induction

A changing magnetic field causes a potential difference (voltage) in a conductor. This concept is called Electromagnetic Induction. Electromagnetic Induction is the principle used in electric generators, microphones, electric guitars, transformers, and Tesla coils. The current created in this conductor is alternating current because it flows back and forth. This is a result of the conductor being raised then lowered in to a magnetic field.

Ways Human use electromagnetism


James Maxwell

Maxwell researched the fields of electricity and magnetism and introduced the concept of the electro-magnetic field. James Maxwell discovered electromagnetic waves, and he also discovered a changing magnetic field will induce a changing electric field. He discovered this by experimenting with them. Maxwell also helped with the field of optics and the study of color vision. He investigated the kinetic theory and thermodynamics. Maxwell’s discoveries are used today by scientists all around the world. Some of Maxwell’s work helped Albert Einstein’s research with relativity.

Heinrich Hertz

The focus of his research was on the electromagnetic theory of light

He proved the existence of electromagnetic waves by engineering instruments to transmit and receive radio pulses using experimental procedures. Helped establish the photoelectric effect, developed the hertz antenna receiver.

His discovery led to a new understanding of electromagnetic waves, which led to them being used for communication.

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