Brock Elementary Update

January 18th-25th
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Upcoming Events...

Jan. 21st- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL!

Jan. 22nd-25th- College Week: Wear your favorite college shirt or hat on Wednesday. The school will have a variety of activities throughout the week to recognize different colleges.

Jan. 25th- Tarleton Pep Rally for Fly Friday

Jan. 31st- 100th Day

Feb. 1st- Brock Homecoming Pep Rally- Bruner Family Fundraiser/ Spaghetti Dinner

Feb. 6th- Class Reps Pictures

Feb. 11th-14th Random Acts of Kindness Week

Feb. 14th- Valentine Parties

Feb. 18th- Teacher Work Day- No School for Kids

Feb. 22nd- Turn Our School into a Museum Day

College Week

  • Listen to announcements in the morning for school songs and interesting information about colleges.
  • On Wednesday, instead of wearing red for caring, everyone can wear a college shirt or cap.
  • On Friday, w and Texan Stars Dance team will join us at Fly Friday to help us recognize College Week.

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser for the Bruner's

Fly Friday & Hat Day

Fly Friday- Fly Friday takes place every Friday morning. If students arrive before 7:40 they will need to go to the gym. Students who arrive after 7:40 will go straight to the Gym for Fly Friday. All students will attend Fly Friday.

Hat Day

For $1, your child is allowed to wear a ball cap (not a crazy hat). The money raised will go towards technology for our campus


  • The Brock Elementary School Day Begins at 7:50
  • No Passing in the Drop Off or Pick Up Line