Team Madden Monthly Update

Thirty-One News and Shout-outs

What's the latest in the world of Thirty-One?

  • Remember to register for the SPRING PRODUCT PREMIERE!! It's scheduled for Saturday Dec 7th at 10am, you won't want to miss it! This year you can even take a guest (they will have to pay the $20 theater fee however).
  • Dec 10th is the holiday shipping cut-off! Make sure all your orders you NEED for the holidays is in before this date!
  • My local girls Spring CC Meeting will be hosted again with Rhonda at Winky's house, please reserve the date Saturday Feb 8th for this meeting.
  • Facebook ADVERTISING!! There is an opportunity to earn facebook advertising based on performance, check this out on TOT!
  • Believe and Achieve has 8 weeks not instead of just 7! Looks like they will be donating a gift the 8th week to charity- WooHoo!


This will be area to recognize some achievements of some of you "rockstar" girls! Because to me, you are a "WONDERMAN"!



Believe and Achieve EARNERS:

Leah Bruce Week 5 & Week 6!!!!!!

Joy King Week 5!!!!!!

Misty Pressley Week 5!!!!!!

Gold Star (Over $1000 in sales for the month):


Dreambuilders (added a new recruit):


ROCK ON LADIES!!!! Keep achieving those Believe and Achieve Rewards!!!!

Make November WORTH IT!!

Just wanted to remind you guys that your November sales will be your commission check on Dec 10th! You really need to "kick it up" to get some extra CASH for the holidays! This is the BEST time to approach people about hosting because all their friends need to Christmas shop. Remind potential hosts the benefits of 31 over regular mall shopping-- FREE PRODUCT, NO TRAFFIC, and NO LINES! Address those excuses of "no time" or they are "busy" by offering a catalog party! And I encourage you to try out a TURKEY TROT, where 9-12 customers collect just $100 in orders and submit to you the weekend after THANKSGIVING!!!

Upcoming in December

  • December Monthly Special comes out Nov. 27th! So remember to get ALL MEDIUM UTILITY $7 Specials in by Nov 26th at the LATEST!
  • December Special is HOLIDAY BUYS!!! $5 items, like last year! It will include The Wine Bottle Carrier, Tote-A-Tablet, Littles Carry All Caddy, Every-Day Wristlet, and Doggie Leash!

November--- KEEP chuggin along! This week's Believe and Achieve is AWESOME!!!!