What's Your Type?

By: Taylor Millspaugh

Describing My Personality

People with my personality type are ESFJ, this is meaning having real concern of others and caring about others than yourself, you would be sociable, caring, loyal, cooperative and you have different feelings all the time. Judging comes in my personality type you feel for anything or everything that comes up, you try to help people with anything that they need help with. We have are own mind track system, an example of this is doing a question on a math test if we don't think it is right the first time we do it over and over until we definitely think is the right answer.

Does This Describe My Personality?

This personality type does describe me because I am social and there are other times I work alone but then I have extravagant feeling, If I feel like somethings going to happen I have to ask certain questions because I judge people usually on there feelings and I try to help people that are emotional. I try to put my feelings behind and help others before myself. I am cooperative, I like doing my work in small groups because i have a one tracked mind, i get distracted easily.