Amana Fifth Grade Newsletter Update

Friday, October 16, 2015

Classroom News

What a beautiful week in 5th grade!

Our readers were focused on identifying author's point of view about electronics. They were able to find evidence in the text as to the good and bad things about electronics. They were even able to add in a little of their own opinions. We would love for our students to see points and counter-points to arguments and we got a great start this week!

Our mathematicians were all about fractions this week! If you have any cooking in the kitchen, invite them to help, especially if you are going to double a recipe with fractions. These will be great experiences to get them to see fractions in action! Our scientists are getting so close to solving the case of the Mystery Powder at Dexter! Social Studies will be starting soon!

Mr. Karsten's last day with us was today. It has been a pleasure working along-side someone who has passion for educating young people. The 5th grade class is better having experienced him for the past two months. We hope this is not the last time Mr. Karsten will be at AES. We wish him well in all his future endeavours!

PLP notices were stapled into your child's planner today. Please check to confirm the scheduled time. If an adjustment needs to be made, please contact your child's fifth grade teacher by email.

We have an archery activity planned for Thursday, October 29th in the afternoon. See permission slip for more details. Please sign and have your student bring back this week.

Learning Goals this Week


I can explain how to simplify and unsimplify fractions to find equivalent fractions.

I can compare fractions.

(Keep using Xtra Math and IXL to practice multiplication and division facts.)


I can identify the author's point of view in a persuasive article.

I can jump back and reread to help me when I get confused.

I can use Greek and Latin roots, prefixes and suffixes to help me define new words.


I can write a narrative using descriptive details and clear event sequences.


I can make observations describe powders in detail and use evidence to support ideas.

Important Dates

  • 10/20 - 22 PLPs - Students welcome to attend
  • 10/22 - 10/23 No School
  • 10/29 - Iowa Co. Conservationist's visit - Archery Experience in Amana! Permission slip is coming home today!
  • 10/30 - Halloween Parade at 2pm; classroom party follows (Please let us know if you are interested in helping!)
  • 10/30 - 6pm Family Folk Dance

Band Information

Dear 5th Grade Band Families,

I think the majority of students have gotten their hands on an instrument and have had a “get-me-started” lesson. I know there are still some waiting to hear from relatives about an instrument or others looking in general and I am looking for some as well from people in and out of the district. Hang in there, call/email me with problems or results and I’ll get students started as soon as they get an instrument.

A lesson schedule is made and we will plug new band students into that as they come in (thanks, classroom teachers!!). Starting next week we will add full-group band rehearsal to the mix so I will see your young musician 3 times per week: 2 times in big band and 1 time for small group lesson.

The weekly rehearsal schedule for me looks like this:

Amana Elem.: Tuesday and Friday afternoons, lessons then big band.

This schedule will go into effect starting next week (Oct. 19) and will continue all the way through the school year. There isn’t room for make-ups so if we miss a day (PLP’s, snow days, etc.) we just miss it and move on.

The Band moves pretty slowly so getting new students caught up shouldn’t be very hard for those coming in a little later. Beginning band is all about getting better, not getting too caught up in where and when we start out! We have a good-looking group lined up and I can’t wait to get started next week.

Patrick Flaherty, Director of Elem. Bands