How to start your Google Training

Getting started with Google for Education Training Center

Going All In with Google

Washington-Nile School District has gone Google. We are now what they call a GAFE (Google Apps for Education) school; however, to this point, teachers have had little to no training on using Google apps (now called G suite) in their classrooms. The Fundamentals training takes teachers through the most used apps by educators. The training will take you methodically through each lesson. This document is just to demonstrate how to access the Google Training Center and how to begin the Fundamentals training (aka Educator Level 1).

Below is a quick (6:08 min.) tutorial created for educators about getting started in the training center. Below the video is a link to the Google for Education Training Center. The most important point I can stress is to sign in. If you do not sign in, progress will not be saved.

Google for Education Training Center - Overview