Course Update 3

Course Update 3 for 18 Weekers / 2 for 16 Weekers

Grades Updated

Grades have been updated for the two week period which ended on Friday, September 12. It is recommended that you and your student review the latest grade, and look at how well your student is doing, or where the student might benefit from improved work habits, or a need for extra help.

No Fall Break for Georgia Virtual School

Georgia Virtual School Does Not

Observe a Fall Break.

If Your Other School Does,

Be Sure to Look Ahead and Get Your Virtual Work Done,
(In Order Not to Receive a Late Work Penalty).

Options for Vocabulary and Grammar Projects

As students progress in the course, they will have several options for their Vocabulary and Grammar Projects; however, all must be accompanied by audio, as we want to help them develop good accents and speaking abilities beginning at this early level.
Some of the options beside Power Points are: Word documents, Voki , Animoto, Prezi, and other such creations. One of the most fun is a Tagxedo word cloud. Several 18 week students have submitted this recently introduced type of submission. Below are examples using La Escuela (School) Vocabulary. Students record themselves reading the words in their Tagxedo designs and submit the recordings as their audio components.

September is Independence Month in Many Spanish-Speaking Countries

If you know someone from a Spanish-Speaking Country, you may find him or her in celebration mode during September, as many of their countries celebrate their Independence day this month. Part of the study of second languages deals with the cultures of the countries that speak the target language. Their history, Independence Day included, is a part of that culture.
Here is a list of the countries involved:

Sep 15

Independence Day for Central American nations

(El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua).

Commemorates the declaration of independence from Spain in 1821.

Sep 16

Mexican Independence Day or 16 de septiembre,

celebrates the day that Miguel Hidalgo delivered El Grito de Dolores,

and announced the Mexican revolt against Spanish rule.

Sep 18

Independence Day for Chile.

Also known as Fiestas Patrias and El Dieciocho.

Sept 23

Grito de Lares. Anniversary of the uprising that initiated

the movement for Puerto Rican independence from Spain.