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February 4, 2016

Literacy & Social Studies

We are having a very productive week! Here's a brief snapshot of how we're living our lives as readers, writers, and historians:


  • Studying the works of Langston Hughes
  • Using close reading to analyze poetry and identify themes
  • Using evidence to write constructed responses to support suggested themes
  • Revising and editing book reviews
  • Shared reading of the novel, Color Me Dark

U.S. History

  • Reviewing the Post WWI era
  • Investigating the good and the bad of the 1920s
  • Begin investigating the Great Depression NEXT WEEK

January's Book Review of the Month

Of Thee I Sing

By: Barack Obama

Hi! Do you know who Barack Obama is? Well I’m sure you do because…… HE IS OUR PRESIDENT!!!!!! And he even wrote a book. It is called, “Of Thee I Sing” and it is AMAZING!! This book is about showing Barack Obama’s daughters everything that a person has done.

In the book it always starts off with a question like, “Have I told you that you are creative”. And then it would tell a fact about that specific person. For Example, ”A woman named Georgia O’Keefe moved to the desert and painted petals, bone, and bark. She helped us see big beauty in what a small: the hardness of stone and the softness of feather”.My favorite thing in this book that sparked my interest the most is when Barack talked about Sitting Bull because he was a Sioux medicine man who healed broken hearts and broken promises.Sitting bull even said,”For peace, it is not necessary for eagles to be crows”.And what that means to me is that there should not be any conflict between our nations. It even shocked me when the book said that Sitting Bull was put IN JAIL!!!!!!:O

I love this book because I love reading biographies and I love the fascinating back stories. My favorite part of the story is at the end he shows all the people who made a difference with for his daughter’s. Anyway I won’t keep you waiting. But hey, before you go why don’t you check out this book at your local library. I also recommend this book for people of all ages because it shows you some of the people who made a difference in this world.

By: Kirah S. Tucker

Date: 1/29/16

Star Rating:

Analyzing & Responding to Poetry by Langston Hughes

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Sharing Our Expertise w/ Literacy Pals

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Environmental Science Fair Champs


1st Place

"Screen the Rain…Before it Rains” - Maurice McQuire, Jalani Golston, and Lorena Granados

2nd Place (Tie)

“Dish Soap Madness” – Hope Thomas, Isabella Holliday, and Rachel Grooms

"The Air You Breathe”- Anna Beck, Molly Boone, Kaitlin Daniels

3rd Place (Tie)

"EPM”- Dennis Stoykovych, Tiana Haynes, Marquis Brown

“H2O Clean Flow” - Ethan Andrews, Devin Martin, AJ Johnson, Niles Barber

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Honorable Mentions

“Soil vs. Soil” - Taylor Martin, Zakai Williams

“Battery Busters” - Grayson Chatman, Carter Thompson, Jeffrey Carnes

“When Life Gives You Lemons, Charge Cell Phones” - RJ Reeves, Will White, Darien Muzzullo

“All the Plants You Will Grow” - Johnae Ravenell, Mason Theuerl, Tyler Talley

“The Best Soil” - J’Den O’Neal, BJ Kohn, Lundyn Crouch

"Bye Bye Weeds” – Jalesa Denys, Kamiya Kinloch, Raven Knight​

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Today's VIP Folder includes:
  • Graded papers
  • Scholastic Order Forms - Make checks payable to Scholastic. Payments are due on Friday, 2/12/16.
  • Good News Club Flyer
  • Class Picture Order Form
  • DFES Step Team Letter (girls only)

Upcoming Classroom and School Events:

2/4 - Early Release Day

2/5 - 1920s Assessment

2/9 - Challenger Learning Center Field Trip (Wear 5th grade t-shirts)

2/15 - Student Holiday

2/18 - Spring & Class Pictures

2/24 - Interims

Have a Wonderful Weekend!