What does it mean and what can I do?

Copyright Made Easy

In this lesson created for grades K-2, students will learn what copyright means as well as what they can do to avoid copyright. They will learn about the consequences and punishments for violating copyright laws. As well as, how to search for material and use them without breaking any laws.

When, Where, Why, and How of the Lesson

This lesson would be taught at the beginning of the school year but it would be revisited again before a major assignment. This lesson can be taught in the computer lab or in the classroom. It is very important to teach students about the rights and wrongs of using materials. Especially with little ones who are big on sharing and what is right and wrong. This lesson would require two days. It would include videos and activities sheets.

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Why to use these resources

The reason behind using these resources is because it allows for all students to follow along as oppose to following along to a reading. The use of videos makes it easier for younger students to understand the complicated topic of copyrights. The use of the search engine Veezzle makes it easier for students to search freely for materials without worrying about copyrights. It gives them another option to use instead of Google.
What is copyright?

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Why Is Copyright Important?