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Digital Community, November 2015


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Digital Community Event

We are the platform where creativity has no bounds. We are the Digital community. Our regular catch ups for the Capco crowd are designed for those who are passionate about Digital and ultimately just want to have a good time.

During the events we chat about what new Capco Digital projects are out there, Capcos' key achievements and hot topics within the industry. Many are also attended by guest speakers to provide a fresh outlook and perspective in this space.

The session on October 7th included speakers from iLabs (Ricky and Ammar), the RBS project (Ari and Alex), Senior Management (Julia) and a keynote from CEO and Founder of CarThrottle (Adnan). Check out the short trailer video here of the event and/or watch the full recording of the session here.

One of the key highlights of the evening was the success of Ricky’s attempts to use his iPhone as a remote slider! However on a more serious note, iLabs over the last 6 months or so have been building transparency over what they have developed. In the Digital Community event, Ricky walked through 6 apps developed by iLabs, in addition to providing detailed demonstrations of Knowledge Network and the Living Apps.

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For your awareness, the one-liners on these apps are:

  • Crowd Engage- Let attendees engage with a presentation in a more meaningful way

  • Test Rocket - Simplifying customer testing for your products and services

  • Roost - Providing a simple and playful way to search and share properties

  • Bump - Plan maternity leave and track your baby journey

  • - Make a weekly pledge, track it and donate to charity whenever you slip up

  • Knowledge Network - Ask questions and share knowledge on a specialist platform

  • Trakr - A powerful and flexible workflow tracker, completely configurable

  • Living Apps - Ready for launch - Manage Money, Home Move and Spender

The call to action here is for those of you who are interested, to reach out to the iLabs team if A) you would like to use the apps (or have them potentially rebranded for client activities) and B) help with any aspect of the apps they are producing (testing/feedback, domain expertise, project management, marketing, championing the products etc.)

Ari and Alex then walked the audience through their brand new colleague engagement platform, iCare. They have developed the platform for their clients at RBS over the course of 6 weeks to help deliver on their strategic objectives for Advocacy, Trust and Service. The app looks at a challenging “grey area” around how we can measure employee engagement and how we can improve it. Through an intense period of requirements gathering with RBS employees, a prototype has been developed and presented to the client, with very positive feedback.

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Our keynote, Adnan Ebrahim CEO and Founder of CarThrottle, the fastest growing internet car community out there, then shared his experience and story with Capco ( Based on an interactive digital platform, CarThrottle attracts 5 million unique hits per month and has over 3 million Facebook subscribers. That gives it a larger Facebook presence than one of their key rivals, Top Gear!

Adnan engaged the audience, telling his story with memes and graphics of launching CarThrottle as a blog before embracing social media to really kick start user adoption to reach the figures seen today. He is now looking to leverage the social engine developed for CarThrottle in different industries, including beauty, fashion and gaming, to create interactive and dynamic online communities. Raising £2million in investment for the next phase of his ambitions, Adnan certainly seems well underway to continue his success story.

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Julia then concluded the event with a roundup of projects which Capco has been involved in within the Digital space. The pick of the success stories was work recently sold at RBC to build a vision, strategy and roadmap for next generation CRM (customer relationship management). There is a lot of support required from a contribution perspective, so do get involved here if you are interested.

If you like what you hear, please do join us for the next community event on 4th November. Want to know more about the Capco Digital Practice or find out how you can get involved right now? Please reach out to Julia McColl, Sean Lynksey or Zaki Ahmed.

Written by Zaki Ahmed

Fintech With Jeffrey Tijssen

"I think if there is one particular areas which is ready to be Disrupted in my opinion – Its Insurance"

Jeffrey TJiseen shares with us an interesting perspective as to what are the key areas of growth and challenges within Fintech, what are the key challenges and as Jamie Dimon mentions...'Why they are coming for us!'

Account Updates

TD Mobile

TD Mobile: TD has successfully launched the final release of the app. In addition to the existing functionality developed over this year, customers are now also able to review live market news and data as well as fund their account on the go via the mobile phone. The latter is unique in its approach among mobile trading apps, and we are proud to have delivered additional value to an app which continues to receive positive feedback from TD’s clients. This project has been a challenging, exciting and hugely rewarding project – and has been achieved thanks to many people who provided their input, tested early versions and helped with their technical expertise. Particular thanks go to Andrew Arwas, Ami Encarnacion and Charlie Lucas here in the UK. The folks in Capco NA have been incredible on the development side: Bryan Olson, Romulo Velasquez and Kenneth Pritchard. Going forward, we want to expand heavily on the mobile application and digital side. There is a new project at RBS that will see internal mobile development for their employees; and we are working tirelessly to promote our work among other clients in order to win work in this space. Digital & development is huge fun, immensely creative and very valuable. If you have a client who could potentially be interested, do not hesitate to give us a shout. Thanks!

Written by

Alex Fritz


  • The Global Asset Management (GAM) Portal aims to simplify the IT architecture at UBS but also transform the GAM business by delivering a best-in-class, innovative and digital experience for internal users and clients to drive the business and sales forward.
    • Capco Team is globally spread across the UK (Ami Encarnacion & Lili Hatami), Switzerland (Andre Brunner & Delia Steiner) and the US (Luke Penca)and is actively driving the strategy and approach behind the Agile methodology and design applied to deliver the Portal
      • Key achievements this month include kicking off the programme globally across 200+ key stakeholders and communicating our approach as well as working closely with the current business owners of the applications on the prototype of the GAM Portal.
        • Upcoming milestones are a workshop with business stakeholders in Chicago to do a Sprint level dry run and verifying remaining As-Is processes across the first applications that will be migrated onto the GAM Portal as part of Wave 1. The business case for Wave 2 will also be submitted to the Steering Committee at UBS.
          • Other exciting developments include the start of design & development of the GAM Portal towards the end of November

          Written by,

          Lili Hatami

          Newsletter edited by Shahid Sa'di

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