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Week of November 10th!

This Week-
10th- ATMS
- 1st grade Museum Night! :) Would love to see others here to support the
team 6:00- 7:00 PM
- 4th grade after school (ATM)
11th- ATMS (PM only)
- Veteran's Day Celebration (HUGE THANKS to our Amazing A/H Team & all who
Pitched in to help!)
12th- ATMS
- Skyline Night!
- 5th grade after school (ATM)
13th- ATMS
- Noetic Math Contest (2nd - 5th)
- Aerobics in the Gym! (Let's get physical... physical... I wanna get PHYSICAL!)
- AT vs Mann @ Mann
14th- ATMS (if needed)
- GOTR Pasta Dinner!
15th- GOTR 5K @ Sawyer Point

ATMs & RTI: This is our very first ATM together! :) I'm hopeful that it will go smoothly, and if not- well we'll figure out the cushion together. We will be meeting in the RTI room during the day / 4th & 5th grade we will meet in the Team leader's rooms. What to bring... Understanding of the instructional skills your students are at from Star, observation data / notes from class, and knowledge of the tiered interventions you are doing with them. 2 most important pieces to bring with you.... 1) attention to discussion and 2) an Open mind- the rest we will hash out together! ** More than likely we will have district participants. It may be handy for you to bring an ipad or laptop. We will be taking notes and will send out a summary to all team members.


Classroom visits- I know with celebrations, etc. that have been going on we have had a lot of visitors; however, we will NOT be sending anyone to your classrooms without notice from you first. We are informing parents who bring birthday things, etc. that we will call the room for the student to come to the office to get it. We will NOT be allowing visitors to your room without notice from you first. IF a parent comes to your room and the visitor badge does not have YOUR CLASS listed, please send them back to the office. This has been reviewed with everyone in the office, and with the interns helping out.

LOVE the work I'm seeing in the halls! If you have not had the chance to just look at the work / exhibits, take the opportunity! There are some great things going on in everyone's classes!

Communication- After reviewing the feedback I got from the communication survey it is clear that we need to set a school wide expectation for WHAT and HOW OFTEN we communicate to our families. I will be discussing this with team leaders on Thursday, but you may want to provide input to them prior to us meeting. This will become a school wide expectation for us- myself included.

Staff Updates:
* Angela England (formerly Brinegar) is now a married woman! and her new husband is doing well after his surgery on Friday. Thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and support for the family.

* Benefit for Quinn- was a HUGE success. The New Haven family (present and former) raised over $2000 for her.

*Last Friday was officially Pepper Dickerson's last day, and this Friday will be Patty Davis' last day. Each have left to pursue other jobs. Please join us in wishing them well.

Staffer for the week: Congrats to Robin Vogelpohl! You are the recipient of this week's staffer parking privilege! :) First parking spot on the Castle side. Parking starts on Tuesday of the week and goes until Monday of the next! Thank you for modeling the "New Haven Way", and all the work that you have done for our FAMILY <3.

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