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Vol.1 Issue 6: May 15, 2020

Tips, tricks, and resources you may want to use or share with your classes. All newsletters, along with other fabulous resources, will be housed on the Library website's Teacher Zone (feel free to bookmark it) ;)

Welcome to the Virtual Library Desk. We are OPEN!

I have an open Meets/Hangout from 9 am - 2 pm weekdays for teachers or students who need to stop by for help, just like they would during a "normal" day. The camera and microphone are muted unless someone comes in, but I'll be listening for the ding to come meet you. Just like the real library, sometimes I may have "stepped out" for a minute, but even if I'm in a meeting, I can pop over to let you know what time I'll be finished or mute the other meeting and help you really quickly (but honestly, most of my meetings are 2 pm or later anyway).

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH YOUR STUDENTS. They can use this link and the meets nickname is tmslibrarydesk. If they get a notice it doesn't exist or is unavailable, make sure they know they should be going through their MISD portal to meet me.

Read Squared Opens Monday, May 18th

Click this link to find all the summer reading resources in the Student, Teacher, and Parent Zones!

PBL: Project/Problem/Passion Based Learning

One of the sessions I went to this week was on PBL, often referred to as Project Based Learning but also Problem Based and Passion Based Learning.

"If you think about your most powerful learning experiences, there’s a good chance at least one of these experiences involved a project. This is where you learned how to research, how to ideate, how to work with others, how to engage in productive struggle, and how to revise your work. These epic projects were what built those life-long soft skills that you use on a regular basis."

~John Spencer (Empower your students with Voice and Choice)

Keep in mind, PBL is not going to work for every student, but it does offer opportunities for deeper engagement with both the material and your class in general. Structure is important because student choice is involved and they'll need some help staying focused.

I really like how this article laid out step by step how these teachers not only set up a PBL project revolving around the American Revolution, but managed to make it cross curricular as well. Starting with the standards they needed to focus on and planning backwards, they were able to make sure everything they needed to cover was included. It's not the only way of course, but it made a lot of sense to me.

I'd love to work on this with anyone interested in trying it out next year. Just something for your back burner...

If this interests you, you can

Check out the MISDiTech slides from the presentation here

Or check out the link to the Recorded Google Meet Session here

Or see the article the training was based on here (it's got a podcast embedded on this site if you want to listen instead)

What is Project-Based Learning?

Staff Development Opportunities for Teachers

The Summer PFK Catalog has just come out, and there are LOTS of great worshops being offered this summer. I've highlighted just a couple sessions you might like to take a look at, but take a look through the catalog and see what else is available as well.


Pg.1: I Didn't Know We Had That (Secondary)- Emma McDonald will take you on a tour of the Tex Quest Resources available in our Library Online Resources and she gives great examples/suggestions on how to use them

Pg. 1: No Misunderstanding. Visualizing Data with Data Studio. If looking at numbers is not your thing, this new Google tool may be a great way for you to get a better picture of what your data is saying about your students.


Filling Your Toolbox with Purpose: New instructional technology ideas to add to your current

Pg. 4 The Perfect Blend:Leveraging Blended Learning in the Middle School Classroom

Pg.5: Creating Student Agency Through Reflection

*****Learning Environment

Pg.10: Prepare Your Students for the Logistical Challenges of Distance and Blended Learning


***Registration Opens Monday.


Instructional Technology is still offering sessions this week as well

Check out this weeks schedule here

Check out their page here

The FULL calendar can be found here

Missed a session? Recording of previous sessions can be found here.

Resources for Parents and Students.

If you have parents or students needing help with connecting online from home, Instructional Technology and the Help Desk have put together videos and links for help. Students and Parents can contact the stuhelpdesk@mesquiteisd.org or fill out the Distance Learning Assistance Request form

They can visit this page to access all of the videos and resources.

Two Factor Authentication is BACK!

If students are locked out, they need to email stuhelpdesk@mesquiteisd.org with their first/last name and Student ID Number to reset.

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