Don't Go Baroque-ing My Heart

A brief look at music during the Baroque Era.

Time to Baroque it Down

In direct contrast with the Renaissance Era, music during the Baroque Era was more religious. In fact, most people only heard music while in church, as performances were no longer as popular. Often times, people learned how to play instruments from others who had skill in their family. In fact, as the Baroque Era progressed performers had to become increasingly more skilled in their techniques. Improvisation was crucial during the time. Church modes were simplified into two scales and by the late Baroque music was accustomed to following a set rhythm and drive.

If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It

It was during this era that instrumental music really saw a rise. It became as vital as vocal music at this time. There were numerous advancements in instrument making as the form became more popular. Specific instruments were chosen by composers in the late Baroque Era for their tone colors. The organ, clavichord, and harpsichord were the three most important keyboard instruments of the time. Free forms and structured forms were written for solo performances on keyboard instruments. Opera was the most important new form of music during this era. Operas were ways to combine theater and music in one astounding production.