Ciara Stewart


Hindus are polytheistic which means they believe in many gods. They believe in reincarnation which means the rebirth of a spirit. Karma is when your actions determine whether you move up in the caste system.

Caste System

Your birth determines your caste. There are 5 levels in the caste sytetm. First is the Untoucables but they arent in the caste triangle, then there are the Laborers, Merchants/Traders, Soldiers, and the hightest in the caste system is the Priest.

Gandhi and the Salt March

Gandhi was a peacefull protestor that wanted India to be independent from the British. this meant using civil disobedience. One exapmle is the Salt March. the Salt March was when Gandhi lead a march to the sea so they can make their own salt and not buy British goods.

The Amritsar Massacre

The Amritsar Massacre was an example of a human rights violation. The British killed peacfull protestors. on this day which was April 13th the day of the Sikh Baisakhi festival thousands of people were killed by British military.