Social Media Project

By: Kassi Margelofsky

Dental Hygienist

3 Types Of Social Media

Beneficial and Harmful Ways



  • Dentistry's use Twitter to share ideas and information quickly and see updates faster among other dentists
  • By sharing this information, dentists and hygienists can learn new techniques and learn from past experiences.
  • It is a way to follow other employees or dentists and learn about their dentistry and share links and also to connect with patients.


  • Sharing photos with patients and other businesses
  • Events or good information can be posted to specific Facebook business pages that clients can like or share


  • Dentistry's can post or "pin" items about ways to help your teeth, or what brushes to use, what toothpaste to use; things like that.
  • Can use clients "before and after" photos of techniques to get a good reputation and help others if needed.



  • Twitter is good communication in all but it only allows 140 characters and sometimes that may not be enough for dentistry's to explain information or help
  • Twitter can be distracting. Links may lead to other distracting websites, it can interrupt them while working


  • Sometimes can work really slow and not upload something in time or even at all
  • Some pictures or even stories can scare away clients and make them not want to go to a certain dentistry
  • Some methods and pin's posted could be false and not work
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Overall Opinion

I think that social media in the workplace is a good and bad thing at times. It can give out really good reputations or really bad reputations. It can also help places a lot, it can give new amazing ideas. At the same time it can also be a distraction. Overall I believe it helps in the workplace.