"Know Us Ark!"

The Carveldon Veterinary Center Exhibit

Our Special Day Is Coming Soon

We would like to invite everyone to join one of the most prestigious event ever held by The Carveldon Veterinary Center. Meet Mr.Kim Atienza and Dr. Ferds Recio in our first month of event, who are going to have a talk about taking care of our pets. On our second month of event we are featuring "Kabang" the heroic dog, "Bagwis & Habagat" the wonder dogs, & "Douglas" the Saint Bernard for their performances.

Also, we'll be having a contest called the #SweetestBondingEver. In which you'll submit, on our Carveldon facebook page, an entry with a selfie with your lovable pet/s with the hashtag #SweetestBondingEver. Add a description on how you and your pet spend your bonding time together and how Carveldon Clinic plays its role in your pet's life. The sweetest and happiest top 10 pictures will get a chance to win free t-shirt and ballers from The Carveldon Veterinary Center, plus your entry will be featured in our exhibit. Entries will be valid from June 15, 2014 to July 10, 2014.

Know Us Ark

Sunday, June 15th, 10am to Tuesday, July 15th, 10pm

Megatrade Hall, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines

The Exhibit

Aside from featuring the top 10 winners of the #SweetestBondingEver the exhibit contains the services of The Carveldon Veterinary Center plus amazing pictures of wildlife photography by famous photographers. Such as, Richard Seaman, Romy Ocon and many more. Plus pictures from behind the scenes of NatGeo WILD.