Weekly Warrior

Volume 6 Issue 4 March 21st, 2016

Important Dates

March 21st-Perfect Attendance Celebration
March 22nd-MAP Testing--Grade 10 Math
March 22nd-3 Week RTI Reports due to department chair
March 23rd-MAP Testing--Grade 9 Reading
March 23rd
-CCR, Credit Recovery, & Gap Closure PLCs at 3:30

March 24th-MAP Testing--Grade 10 Reading

March 25th-Orange Card Recognition 11th/12th @9:30 and 9th/10th @1:45

March 31st-Clubs

March 31st-International Fair in the Gym

Summer Kagan training dates have been set, please mark your calendars:

July 27th & 28th, 2016-8:30 - 3:45 for SWHS Teachers--lunch on your own

Student Voice Results Now Available in CIITS

The Student Voice Survey is an online survey, developed by the Kentucky Department of Education that asks grade 3-12 students to give feedback on specific aspects of the classroom experience, organized around seven elements of teaching practice: support, transparency, understanding, discipline, engagement, nurturing, and trust. These elements form the acronym STUDENT. The survey generates information both about how students experience teaching practices and learning conditions in the classroom as well as information about how students assess their own engagement.

Remember, this score is not included as part of your evaluation, but can be used to formulate future Professional Growth Goals if you so choose. As teachers, student voice feedback can be useful to help us to find areas that we can improve upon. If we find that there is one area that seems to need some clarification or further growth, we could possibly give our students a chance to evaluate again and ask for comments and suggestions in that one particular area. The student voice results are yours to do with as you choose. This is one piece of data and does not solely define you as a teacher, but hopefully we will all engage in a bit of self-reflection and strive to become better teachers because there is always room for growth.

Student Voice Survey Questions for Students in Grades 6-12
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Upcoming International Fair--March 31st

The International Fair is our annual Literacy project--please work with 1 (your choice) class from this term (some of you have already done this with a trimester 2 class) and incorporate reading, writing, research, or discussion into the study of your designated continent. Each department will be responsible for at least 1 display or interactive booth showcasing what our students have learned on March 31st. Along with each display, we will have a map that you can use to highlight the area(s) your department has focused on in order to give students a visual of where they are learning about.

If you still need reading material for your class, Charity Edwards ordered an anthology of about 15 short stories from all over the globe, and has summarized the stories and the continent from which they originated. You can check out the book from the library at your convenience.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.