Moroccan Inspired Recipe Contest

Ends July 31st

Send us your Moroccan inspired recipe to:

Do you love cooking? Do you like to incorporate Moroccan flavors into your recipes? Do you have a personal recipe that takes people to an exotic journey of the senses and make them beg you for more? Then you can be the winner of the "Moroccan Inspired Recipe Contest!"

You just need to send us an email with the following:

1- The title of the email should be: "Moroccan Inspired Recipe Contest"

2- The email should include the recipe details (ingredients and very detailed preparation steps) to

3- The story of the recipe: how did you come up with it? why is it "Moroccan Inspired"? How is it related to Morocco or a Moroccan dish? We love stories, tell us all about it!

4- The email should also include a picture of the final product (this is required!)

5- and finally your full name, your country of origin, your country of residence, and an email address where we can contact you

The winner will get a $100 gift card from** and Alia will feature the winning recipe in a special video on!

So what are you waiting for??? Contact us now - the contest will end on Tuesday, 31st July 2012 at Midnight!

The winner will be announced by August 26, 2012!

**Limitations - Amazon gift card is only redeemable on (U.S.A website) not internationally. Therefore, only participants living in the U.S. will be eligible to win it.

If you are living outside the U.S., we will PayPal you $100 instead.