The Renaissance

Reformation and Indulgences

The Reformation

The reformation is a time period in which Martin Luther had started a movement In Germany to change the view of Christianity dating back to roughly 1517 to 1555. His idea's weren't meant to change the meaning of what a christian is or their beliefs but how a Christian should be able to choose to practice. Prior to the renaissance/reformation Christians were limited to practicing Catholicism and had to worship as the church said they should. The Reformation took its largest stride away from Catholicism when King Henry Vlll wanted the Pope to Annul his marriage so he could remarry. The Pope had refused so King Henry decided that he should have the last word as to what happens in English Churches.


Indulgences are an idea believed in by both Catholics and Lutherans. An indulgence is the forgiveness of sin that we already have committed whether it be through Communion or Confession; and that we are forgiven because of Christ's Death on the cross.

By the year 1506 the Catholic church had began charging money from people to raise money to build St. Peter's Basilica. Which is also a reason for Lutheranism to form, people hadn't wanted to pay to be forgiven for their sins.

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