Katie Holleman's Class

Intro to High School Classroom Technology

What We'll Be Using

This newsletter is a brief introduction to the fun and exciting technological tools we'll be using throughout the semester. The tools included in this newsletter are Poll Everywhere, Google Drive, and Skitch. Each of these tools will play an important role in fostering a collaborative atmosphere within the classroom.

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a fun tool that allows audience members (or classmates) participate in presentations whenever they're asked questions. An example of using this in the classroom might be a daily warm up question. Each day when students come into class, a history/government oriented question will be posted on the board. Students will consider the question, then refer to the answer choices and the corresponding number. Students would then text that number to the specified Poll Everywhere number. It would be incentivized for the students. If 80% of the students get every question right each day for a week then there will be a reward announced on Friday.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of Googles many valuable apps. Within Google Drive it is possible for students to work cooperatively on a variety of different projects. In this class, students will be encouraged to use Google Drive to complete group projects as well as help one another study for tests. Students can complete presentations, spreadsheets, and forms through the use of Google Drive.


Skitch is an app by Evernote that allows a person to easily annotate their notes. I will encourage use of Skitch in the classroom for students to be able to decide what is of the most importance during lectures. In their own notes, students will be able to emphasize which events in the history of our government hold the most significance in their minds.