Rocket Newsletter

Thursday, January 28th, we had a Commemorative Ceremony for the 30th Anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger's explosion. Students came together to mark the day and remember the sacrifices those 7 men and women made for our country. News channel 10 and 8 came to interview our students and record the event! It was very exciting.

We took a surprise field trip to MOSI in January. Our students had the opportunity to go to the Planetarium program, explore Kids in Charge and the MOSI permanent museum. We participated in a game show called "Pick Your Brain!" Way to go GREEN team! They were the winners! Thank you Aaron Jackson and Daisy Terrell for taking our team to the top! Thank you also to the parents that freely gave of their time to join us that day so that our students could have a great experience.

January also is John Glenn Top Gun Academy application month. Students interested in NASA and space exploration apply to be in one of Stewart's coolest STEM clubs! Good luck to all the students that applied! We hope you make it!