Weekly Bulletin

~ Aug. 26-30 ~ Week 1 ~

KUDOS: Staff & Faculty Recognition

Our first week was filled with excitement, nervousness, anxiety, smiles, laughs, and some tears but at the end of the week we had accomplished so much! Thank you for your continued commitment to our students. Special thanks goes to: Sam & Dulce, without their help & support registration would not have been a success. Zoe was able to get us what we need to start the school year, what a project!


  • Mark & Paul: getting the ball rolling on service jobs & Hero's structures/roles
  • TK/K team: great job with orientation & school tour
  • Ms. Parchia & Ms. Simone: running a fabulous training for our ASP staff
  • Leo: taking on a scavenger hunt to locate our FOSS kits
  • Anne & Ana: mentor role for our new teaching staff
  • All returning staff: helping each of us settle into our roles



TK - August 26: ECERS 1, 2 & DRDP 1 opens



Grades 2-5: SRI 1

Grades K-1: DEBELS NEXT 1, scan by 9/27

9/3 CELDT Annual Testing Window Opens

staff training will take place after 9/5 through moodle portal


K-5: EDL 1

K-3: DRA 1


Social Emotional Learning:

Now more than ever schools must support our students to learn & build skills for success at school and in the larger community. Here is a useful link on SEL: http://www.edutopia.org/keys-social-emotional-learning-video

New Teacher Support - blog


Manzanita SEED Character Rubric

The below character traits are part of SEED discipline policy, please take time throughout the first month (and beyond) of school to provide opportunities for children to practice and relate with relevant situations that occur frequently at school. Share with children the rubric and its purpose. A hard copy will be placed in your box, please post in your classroom in a location that is visible to all your students.

  • Respect: Be careful
  • Responsibility: Be Responsible
  • Collaboration: Be a Team Player
  • Honesty: Tell the truth
  • Compassion: Be Kind
  • Perseverance: Keep Trying

Discipline Policy:

4th & 5th grade: Please take time to review, engage, and discuss the discipline policy with your students. A fun way to incorporate into your routines is through cooperative grouping activities from Kagan Cooperative Learning or Tribes (a copy can be found in the admin office).


Dear colleagues, as we begin this week I am requesting from all of us to be outside our classroom doors the first week of school greeting families and students.


AM Request - stand outside classroom door to welcome families & students. You will have a support staff in the morning to ease the transition for all of our little ones!

In the afternoons you are not required to be outside your classroom door as you must wait for parents or parent designee to personally pick up the child from your classroom.

If any of your children are NOT picked up by 3:00 PM, please communicate this to the front office so that we can begin making calls home & inform the families of the school's expectations.

Morning TK/K Support for the 1st Week:

Mr. Pastrana - Ms. Cuezzi

Ms. Elana - Ms. Brigida

Ms. Mazy - Ms. Martinez

Family Connections

Monday, Aug. 26th 2013 at 1:30pm to Friday, Aug. 30th 2013 at 2:45pm

Via phone conference or home visits

Minimum Days - ALL WEEK

During these minimum days please reach out to your classroom families and begin building a partnership that support your students. Share with them the common practices, rituals and routines, and inquire about their individual child social, emotional, and learning needs.


Expeditionary Learning Lessons

Thank you to a couple of grade levels that have submitted/shared their lessons. We have a few grade levels that submission is pending. The agreement with our previous administration was to share by August 19th.

Please share through Google drive.



Enrollment Count Dates:

  • Day 1: Monday, August 26th
  • Day 7: Wednesday, September 4th
  • Day 10: Monday, September 9th
  • Day 15: Monday, September 16th
  • Day 20: Monday, September 23rd

Deadlines for submissions:

  • All schools will receive an Enrollment Counts Survey by 8:00 AM on each Enrollment Count day.
  • ALL school submissions will be due by 12:00 PM on each Enrollment Count day (including TK‐Elementary,
  • beginning at noon, Executive Officers will receive hourly updates of schools that have not yet submitted their counts.
  • At 3 PM, the Office of Instruction and Operational Alignment will send a list to the Superintendent and Assistant Superintendents of which schools have not submitted their counts.



It has been requested by our sister school, Community, to reroute our students to the cafeteria. I ask that we do not enter Community's building for lunch but rather go through the side double doors. I will be available to reroute the classrooms during lunch.


All children will have free breakfast all school year.

All children will have free lunch from August 26th through October 8th. After all meal applications are submitted, we will be informed as to the children that will receive free/reduced lunch.

Prep Schedule

A first draft of our prep schedule was sent to you on Thursday, August 22nd. Please take some time to review it and identify any errors that I failed to see. Thank you to those of you that have sent me your recommendations.

Need to contact your administrator?

Please feel free to contact Beatrice at 925-323-2163 for any necessary need.

Friday's Assembly

Are we ready for our first assembly? Is it customary to hold an assembly the first week of school?

What are each other's responsibilities to assure that this assembly is a success, but the burden of the work load is not overwhelming a selected few?

Week 1

TK, K, 3, 5

Week 2

1, 2, & 4

Backpacks donated by the local Salvation Army

During registration, the Salvation Army stopped by to donate a backpack for each of our SEED students. Some were distributed, but our wish is to provide a backpack for each child in need.

We are asking you to take inventory of each child in your classroom and provide us a number of backpacks needed.

SEED will reserve additional backpacks to distribute throughout the year for our neediest families.