Early Objibwe- Fall- Dagwaagin

By: Jolie Gunn

Wild Rice

In the fall the Ojibwe went out to ponds, marshes, lakes or where wild rice grew. To harvest the wild rice they went in canoes to tap the wild rice so it would fall into the canoe. Kids would help the adults collect the rice and later it got laid out in the sun to dry. Winnowing is the last step where you get the husk off the rice so you could eat it.

Collecting Berries and Hunting

If you weren't collecting the rice you were still busy. Even though some kids were helping to collect the rice they gave another task to the other kids. The other task they would have them do was collect berries and dry them to eat and use them in the when the winter time came. Men would hunt for goose and ducks that came into the marsh while they were there. Both the men and women would catch fish and save it for the winter when they will need it.