Plenty of it at the Commune!

Amenities and plenty of it at the Commune!

Amenities and plenty of it at the Commune!

Slouched on the couch, binge watching shows or the latest movies I had downloaded during the week and plenty of pizza takeaways. These are the words that form the chief part of my descriptions of most weekends. It was good for a while, but after that you begin to crave for variety and to break free of the monotony that strangles your life in a death like grip.

My wife advocated that we move to a place similar to what her sister had just moved in to, one which was ‘packed with amenities’, and this would help us break out of this monotony. Why, yes, that was just the tonic we needed! It would jumpstart our lives and make our weekends more productive, not to mention fun!

Then I vaguely recalled my friend telling me all about these flats in Chandapura called the Commune. This property offered residents a whole range of superb amenities, and besides, weren’t exorbitantly priced, which was another key factor in our quest. Intrigued to learn more, we logged on to a few property websites, and it was heartening to learn that these apartments for sale near Electronic City, Bangalore had received rave reviews.

Subsequently, we researched the property further, and even visited the site to confirm the claims, and they all seemed to be rooted in the truth. For one, we were really impressed with the stupendous range of amenities at these affordable luxury flats in Bangalore. I really looked forward to getting back in shape at the gym, while my wife could make good use of the scenic walking and jogging track at the property. That aside, we could also get stuck in with some sports and games with the basketball hoop, the badminton and tennis courts, as well as the cricket nets at the property. Some of the other amenities here include, an amphitheatre, giant chess, a skating rink, a rock climbing wall, a swimming pool, and so much more! Now, our weekends would never be the dull and boring ‘same old, same old’. We would finally break free from the tyranny of monotony, and couldn’t be more pleased!

All that remained was to choose a home from the 1, 2 & 3 BHK options at these flats in Chandapura, and we went the whole hog and booked a 3BHK here. Weekends would just be great, and we could hardly wait! For more details about the Commune, visit