The Scorch Trials

James Dashner

RC Points: 23 Lexile: 720


Thomas is a probably teen boy who finds himself stuck in yet another trial. After escaping the Maze and the Glade, Thomas and his fellow gladers are thrown into a second trial, the Scorch. Thomas finds and looses friends, but in the end, sticking together to survive, even escaping your friend, is what it takes to end the Scorch Trials and the Flare.
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Thomas shows resiliency by helping and directing his fellow gladers through the treacherous Scorch Trials, even though he went through extreme events that would have caused anyone to have huge tramas.


"Your not her!" Thomas said, "You could never be her!"

This quote is significant because it shows how the stress of losing Teresa is getting to him, especially when he meets Brenda because she reminds him if her.


-Erikka Langemo-