Daily Science News

Dominick Smith And Adolfo Madrid


Do you know that convection will make a hot air ballon ascend?If you didn't,then i am going to tell you about convection.Convection is a way in which fluid transfer heat from one object to another.This would work if your making soup or tea,the heat makes the liquid that your using hot.Inside a hot air ballon is a air pocket,in that pocket is where hot and cold air travel.The hot air makes it ascend and the cold air makes it descend.In this circlery motion causes it to stay in the air. The tempature is probaly the most imporant thing you need for convection.If the water and air are heated,that make sthe liquid gain more energy.That meakes the energy rapidly move that causes the molicules go into each other convienly go into each other.When that is happeneing the molicules move out and the liquid will have a greater volume.If you try to observe convection happening then you better have a good eye because it is hard to see,This may be happening rght now.One way you could see covection happening to to observe boiling water.Convection plays a very imporant role in your atomsphere.Convection is the reason why we have moist air,when mosit air reachs the cooler air that is the procces of making clouds.Without clouds we would have percipation which is rain.In conclusion convection is very imporant to your envormient,this has been" Daily Sciencie News" and were out