Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of May 16-20

IRAs at Team Planning Meeting

As the school year is winding down it would be helpful if each grade level team could devote some time at an upcoming team planning meeting to discuss IRAs for next year and do an IRA material inventory. If at all possible I am hoping each grade level team can discuss IRAs at their team planning this week.

  • Only one person has to fill out the IRA section on the "materials inventory" sheet per grade level team
  • Everyone should bring all of their IRA books to determine which teachers are missing what books (note how many of each IRA book the grade level currently has and/or how many more are needed - don't forget to think of the 6th section if there currently isn't a 6th section in your grade)
  • Please take note if there are any extras of any of the books (that could possibly go to the 6th section teacher if there currently isn't a 6th section)
  • Please note any current IRAs that the team doesn't plan on using in the future
  • Please note any IRAs that are not currently written/being used but that the team would like to start using next year
  • Remember - ideally we would like every teacher to own a copy of the book even if the book is available online
  • Remember - starting next year IRAs will only be used if they have teacher plans (vocabulary, pre-determined places to stop and discuss, written responses and sentence composing) and student sheets (vocab, written response, and sentence composing) that go with each day
  • Remember - at least 50% of a grade level's IRAs must be non-fiction (75% or higher is even better!)
  • All non-fiction IRAs should tie directly into your grade level's science/social studies units of study
  • Remember - each grade level should choose IRA books that fall into the correct lexile band:

    Lexile Level Band for IRA

    3rd - 700-900

    4th - 850-1050

    5th - 900-1100

  • Remember - we will be working this summer on improving/fixing current IRAs (to include standards, social thinking language and any other changes/corrections) as well as write new IRAs if that is needed
  • Remember - a Read Aloud IS NOT the same as an IRA (you can do a read aloud in addition to your IRA every day but IRAs can not be replaced by doing a read aloud)

This Week

* Monday - All day summer school planning

* Tuesday - 3rd grade team planning in the morning and then summer school planning the rest of the day

* Analyze FAST spring data

* Update FAST google docs, calculate acceleration of growth

* Team planning meetings

* Help with PBIS videos

* IC team meeting

* Assist at RCD meeting

* Summer school meeting with teachers


Please continue daily interventions and weekly progress monitoring of your students. I will work on cancelling interventions and stopping the required weekly PM for students who qualify based on their spring scores. I will not get to work on any of this until Thursday at the earliest so please plan on progress monitoring at least one more week and send students to daily interventions until you hear otherwise.