CWC Silver Lake Walk-a-thon

The big event is in just 11 days!

Please register your child for the walk-a-thon today.

Hi! Your child will be walking for the pledges you collect for the walk-a-thon on Friday, April 12th from 8:30-Noon.
We noticed that you have not yet registered:
Once registered, you'll have a personal web link with your child's name to send to friends and family to collect sponsors for your child.
There's only 11 days left to register and collect sponsors for your child!

<--Here is what your personal web link looks like

Once your child is registered and you have your personal web link, you can send an email to your friends, family and coworkers, right from your child's page. Just click on the email button.
You can also post on facebook and other social networks to reach more people.
That's all you need to do to participate! Register now: click here.

Here is how each class is doing so far.

Please see below for a current total of how your class is doing. We need everyone to participate to make this successful. Here are the current registrants:
And below is the total raised by class.

Raise $200, get a free CWC T-Shirt

Get a child's t-shirt for the walk-a-thon for free by raising $200 or more. The shirt will be delivered to your child's classroom once you hit this goal. Register now: click here.

What is this fundraiser for?

This event benefits CWC Silver Lake and funds raised will go to the following:
  • Retaining a teacher’s assistant in every classroom
  • Maintaining dedicated teachers for art, PE and soon, music
  • Maintaining a low student to teacher ratio (12:1)
  • Offering an affordable after school program for working parents
  • Offering a nutritious, accessible lunch program

Please register today and keep these great programs going!