Alex's Soccer Challenge

The Battle for the Winner's Cup

Will Alex Succeed?

Alex has to play soccer to win the beautiful, shining, golden winner's cup. Alex will need to play 3 games to win. The final game is against Eyeless Jack, a soccer champion who's also the school bully. Can you help Alex stand up for himself by beating Eyeless Jack at his own game? Find out when you play this game

Alex's Soccer Challenge 2

The Main Characters


Is a caring, kind and loving person. Alex likes playing soccer. Alex likes everying how it is. However he has been bullied constantly by Eyeless Jack.

And he's had enough.

Eyeless Jack

Eyeless Jack is a mean, rotten, selfish lazy gutless boy. He is a the school bully and he doesn't care about any one else.

The Designers

Indy P

Indy is a champion runner whose job is being the fastest girl alive. She has been playing games since she was 3 years old.


JJ has been designing games since she was 4 years old. Games she has designed include JJ's Mind Boggling Problems and Student's Revenge.

Fordyline V

Fordyline is a nurse who helps hurt kids and adults if that get hurt or sick. She played video games since she was 6 years old.

Ayden K

Ayden plans to take over his grandad's factory with his cousin. As well as a games designer, Ayden would like to be a carpenter and fix kitchens and things with wood.

Ryan M

Ryan isfrom lran or persia . He is great at chess.

Savar S

Savar is from India, is great at Cricket, and plays Rugby for the Rabbitohs. He has been good at maths since he was 2 years old.