Popular, but Deadly

What is Heroin?

Heroin is known to be a severely addictive drug. Heroin is taken from morphine that originally comes from poppy plants.

The Effects of Heroin

Heroin has been used by people just to abuse themselves. There are many deadly ways heroin can kill a person whether they inject it in their body or directly take it. This drug has many poisons and chemicals that make it seem addictive. Due to this addiction, some adults can experience suicidal thoughts. Heroin leads to serious depression, therefore the abuser may feel down or worthless. An overdose of this drug can make a person pass out if they let enough into their body. Some of the poisons in heroin could be too strong for a person to ingest. Heart failures can occur as well because it adds on an intense strain on the heart which can lead to the organ just giving out. Few adults share needles with other people only to obtain the deadly juices of heroin. Along with the sharing of needles, the germs on the needle may be highly filthy and if somebody else was to supposedly use it again then they'll have a slight chance in getting HIV or AIDS.

What Does Heroin Look Like?

Heroin can be white, gray, brown, or black in color. Usually in the beginning, heroin is purified in its white color. However, street heroin isn't pure. When this drug is sold on streets they add in more poisons or addictive chemicals which changes heroin from white to other different colors depending on the poison. These addictive chemicals can clog your blood vessels because it doesn't dissolve quickly enough inside your body.

How is Heroin Sold?

The parts of the poppy plants that are used to make heroin is usually sold in Afghanistan. Although, Mexican farmers and refiners do give out 30-40 percent of the heroin found within the United States. Even other countries such as Colombia supplies heroin to dealers who then sell them on street corners for other people to use.

Heroin Overdose Symptoms

An overdoes on heroin can make your body grow weaker and weaker by the minute. Some symptoms of heroin overdoes include:

  • Pinpoint size pupils in the eyes
  • Bluish skin and fingernails
  • Looseness of the muscles
  • Cold skin
  • Blood pressure and heart rate lowered
  • Fatal coma
  • Seizures
  • Death

Heroin is stronger than any other drug and yet people still abuse it.

Why is Withdrawal From Heroin Tough?

Heroin causes the body to make endorphins which blocks pain signals from going to the brain. Withdrawal from heroin will lead your body into creating endorphins on its own. If your body doesn't have those hormones then everything that you do will be extremely painful. Anything that your body produces will be more that you expect. Withdrawal from heroin affects your cravings, mood, body, and sleep. Every person experiences different symptoms from withdrawal. For example, an adult might also have aches, pains, high fevers, and sleep problems.

Why Does Heroin Create Tolerance?

Heroin tolerance suggests that the people who take heroin need more and more of this drug to satisfy themselves. Street drug dealers sell a lot of heroin because others will always continue to buy it again. If people overdose on this drug then their body becomes dependent on it. When they stop taking heroin then the withdrawal from it will damage the person's body by lots.

The Bottom Line of Heroin

Heroin can get you high very quickly, but it's also fatal. Some people want to get high off of drugs that can easily give that effect. Due to the effects of getting high, people become addicted to heroin. The addiction will kill the person because they love the outcomes. The bottom line is that heroin kills many people who abuse it.

How to Overcome Heroin Addiction

In order for your body to fight against heroin, the user must take Abies Nigra which is a relaxant that helps calm down the cells and hormones in the body. The first couple of weeks can be tough because heroin is a strong addiction. For the symptoms and outcomes of withdrawal from heroin, the adult can use Abies Nigra. This relaxant will calm down the nerves inside a person's body in hopes for that they will not feel the need for heroin anymore.