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*From Mr. Gaff's Desk*

Have you ever been frustrated with students who have failed to complete homework? Have you ever questioned why parents and kids no longer eat supper together? Have you questioned why kids spend so much time in their bedrooms? Have you wondered why kids want to sleep so much on the weekends? If you have kids of your own or have been involved in education for longer than a week, the answer to all these are likely would likely be a resounding…Yes!

Let’s look at something… The Gaff Family Schedule for April 27, 2017…

Big image
I would anticipate that this schedule is not any different from that of many of our students. As I sat with my children last night at 7:30 to complete their homework, I began to question what are they gaining by these assignments? Being exhausted from their day, are they actually going to retain any of the information? Is the homework accurately reflecting their ability? As schools, are we setting kids and families up fail, by asking them to work a second shift? Have schools contributed in the deterioration of family time? Are our top students, the ones who need the least homework, the ones who are being negatively impacted the most?

These are just a few questions that came to mind. Here are a couple video clips that may peak some interesting discussion.

**Does homework Benefit Kids?

**Homework Overload…a kids perspective

Just some food for thought.

Thanks for all you do.


*Last Chance for Spirit Wear!!*

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*Special Recognition*

A special shout out goes to:

**Michele Woods. Michele has had a great first year of teaching at Albion Elementary. She is constantly going out of her way to do thoughtful things for people. This week, Michele brought lilac branches in for staff members to enjoy and to bring Spring into the school and classrooms. She has also provided meals for staff members experiencing chaotic weeks at home or school and often brings in treats for everyone to enjoy. Michele's kindness is typically followed by a mystery to solve in order to know that she was responsible for these gestures since she doesn't announce them or sign her name on the notes to "enjoy the treats". Just ask Michele's students to hear of a number of other ways that she is thoughtful on a regular basis. We appreciate Michele at Albion Elementary!

**Kerry Foster. When you want to find Kerry, all you have to do is listen for the students excitedly calling his name! Kerry has to do some of the worst clean up jobs you can imagine, but still does it with a smile. He helps keep Wolf Lake looking great year after year. The Wolf Lake Elementary staff and students want Mr. Foster to know how much he is appreciated!!

**Kim Stump, Kelly Tarlton, Cindy Trowbridge & Travis Tracy. These 4 drivers volunteered an evening this week to assist with Kindergarten Round-Up! We appreciate your willingness to be present, with a bus, to help put the little's minds at ease. Thank you!

**Tony Howell & the Theatre Company. Congrats on a great performance of "Much Ado About Nothing". It was a great show, with a great turn-out. Congrats on a job well done!

**Abbey Mault, Laura Tomlinson, Deb Caswell and the CANstruction team. Another awesome final product! You continue to represent Central Noble with your creations. Be sure to make your way to the Glenbrook Mall to check out it out in person. Great job to you all!

**Adam Tomlinson, Kelli Ohms, Amy Davison & Michelle Sirois. You have done an amazing job heading up the Unified Track team. Way to go and keep up the good work!

*Wolf Lake Kinder-Forest*

This week the Wolf Lake Kindergarten classes did a trial run of Kinder-Forest! This program is being piloted next year and will take the students into nature once a month to learn. Students will travel to Merry Lea where they will spend the day doing outdoor activities and exploring.

This is truly a unique experience! If you have any family or friends with an incoming Kindergartner, please share this program with them and encourage them to enroll.

*We-Care Clinic Cancellations*

Please be aware that the District is charged for every appointment made with the We-Care Clinic. If you aren't going to make your appointment or need to cancel, PLEASE make sure you are calling the clinic prior (24 hours is best) to make them aware. Whether you show up or not, we are charged for your appointment.

*Board Meetings on Location*

The last School Board Meeting on Location was held April 18th at Albion Elementary. We enjoyed multiple presentations, including Mrs. Woods on E-Learning, Mr. Wesson on the Tech Team, Mrs. Price and the 5th Grade Recorders and more!

Monthly meetings will be back at Central Office, starting with May 18th, until next year!

Thanks to everyone on location for the extra efforts and great presentations!

*Lion's Club Community Survey*

The Albion Lion's Club needs your help!

You received an email last week with a link to a Survey Monkey survey. The Albion Lion's Club is conducting a survey with the goal of clearly identifying community projects that they, a service club, could help provide! Some of the propose projects for the community are a Recreation Center and Public Swimming Pool!!!

Please take a moment to complete the survey, if you haven't already, as it means awesome things for the Town of Albion! Remember to plug in your own ideas at the end as well.

Please also help out by sharing the link with your students, family and friends.

*Upcoming Events*

*Saturday, April 29th: TinCaps Game

*Saturday, May 6th: Wolf Lake Elementary PTO Mother/Son Superhero Night

*Saturday, May 6th: Grand March & Prom

*Thursday, May 11-Friday, May 12: 6th Grade Chain O' Lakes Trip