Pillows for side sleepers

Adequate pillow cause health problems

We found the best methods for head elevation include using more pillows, using a foam iron wedge, placing blocks under the legs of the bed frame at the top of the bed, or utilizing an adjustable bed. Many people’s do not realize is that by not correcting this problem early on you are generally putting yourself at high risk of developing problems including rotator cuff injury, swollen joints and in some cases arthritis. Not only can side sleeping with within a adequate pillow cause health problems like those mentioned also for those that suffer from them already matters are only made worse.

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Pillows for side sleepers

Side Sleeper Pillow is perfect

Side Sleeper Pillow is perfect for those that regularly sleep on their sides. Gentle slope takes pressure of delicate facial tissue. No one else makes bed pillow for side sleepers that are sleep lab tested to reduce shoulder stiffness, eye puffiness and sleeplessness.