STAAR Wars Day 3

Do it you can!

Newton's Laws Slides

Newton's Law of ____________________ says that an object at rest tends to ____________ at rest and an object in motion tends to __________________ in motion. In other words objects like to keep doing what they are __________________.

Newton's Law of Force and ___________________________ says that the force is equal to the ___________________ times the acceleration.

If the ________________ remains constant, smaller masses with have ________________________ acceleration compared to larger masses.

Newton's Law of Action-_______________________________ says that for every ______________ there is an _______________________ and _______________________________ reaction.

All forces act in ____________________________.

For example if my hand pushes down on the desk the equal force is a push and the opposite of down is up so the action is my hand pushes down on the desk and the reaction is the desk pushes up on my hand.


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Which location in the above picture shows the most kinetic energy?

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